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August 14, 2018

Maxwell Scott – Traditional Luxury Leather Goods

William’s Story

Englishman, William Scott Forshaw, founded Maxwell-Scott in 2002 after leaving his advertising job in London and embarking on an inspirational road trip around the iconic leather region of Tuscany, Italy. His purpose was, and still is, simple — to honour Tuscany’s century-old tradition of vegetable-tanning, and to design bags with a classically British aesthetic in mind. William has made connections for life with Tuscany’s most prestigious tanneries, offering his customer the world’s finest leather experience. One touch of the grain or a sole smell of the surface and he guarantees you’ll be hooked forever.

Made In Italy

Our bags and accessories are handcrafted by expert leather artisans at a traditional factory in Florence, Italy. Influenced by generations before them, these leather craftsmen are dedicated to carrying on the legacy of their Italian ancestors. Working alongside these leather specialists is an honour, and we are proud to help safeguard their world-renowned and irreplaceable tradition. Each leather bag by Maxwell-Scott Bags is touched by at least twenty Italian craftsmen before it reaches your hands — a true sign of quality.

Maxwell-Scott wants to set an example against fast fashion and instead champion sustainability. We therefore offer a 25 year warranty on all of our products. In addition, our factory in Italy is mostly solar powered and a member of the Italian Consortium of Leather Tanneries. That means in order to be certified they have a responsibility to recover, reuse and recycle their waste.

Our Leather

Honouring the legacy Italy has made, we solely use vegetable-tanned leather to craft our bags. Arriving at the tannery as cow hides, a by-product of the food industry, they are treated with natural tannins extracted from bark. This process takes up to forty days. The surface of the leather remains untouched, allowing the natural grain of the hide to show, rendering each piece of leather entirely unique. This ancient method of tanning lets the leather breathe. No artificial coatings and chemicals mean our leather can age naturally — a phenomenon known as patina.

Maxwell-Scott operates websites in Germany , USA , United Kingdom , Austria , France , Switzerland and Australia.

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