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March 7, 2018

Michael van Clarke

I’m not blessed with the best quality hair and never have been, but after a lovely session in the stunning Michael van Clarke salon, all was well again!!

Set in the heart of Marylebone the salon exudes glamour, space and efficiency and comfort is the name of the game here.  Michael has a strong desire to create healthy hair that is easy to care for at home, a beautiful wearable style is key and the techniques he employs are unique.  Michael has devised the ‘Diamond Dry Cut’ method, which he feels lasts until your next visit.  Cutting the hair clean and dry allows Michael to work with the hair’s natural movement and texture. Michael will interpret your face shape and features to create chic, wearable styles, with an unrivalled level of precision and balance.  The result ensures the style is easy to maintain, this ‘Diamond Dry Cut’ method is exclusive to the Michael van Clarke salon, and of course his well trained stylists.

The rather chic and extremely welcoming 3,000 square foot salon provides a full menu of treatments: Colouring; straightening; trichology; extensions; beauty treatments and a full bespoke wedding service.

My experience was exceptional and is the same for each and every client,  the staff are well trained and well informed, with an expertise that is obvious from the moment you sit in front of the mirror for your lengthy consultation, they do more listening than talking!  The atmosphere in the salon in friendly and welcoming with a cosy kind of buzz, and  ‘A’ list celebrities are ever present in the salon, just to add more glamour to your Michael van Clarke experience!  You get the impression that the clients are all regular visitors, indulging in the various different services offered in this prestigious salon.

I thought I would feel a little intimidated by Michael, he has an air of authority about him, which ensures the salon runs like clockwork, whilst still managing to create a relaxed atmosphere. I was not all intimidated, Michael is easy to be around, conversation runs smoothly and easily and it’s quite obvious his passion for his craft is strong. He is inspirational to the trainees, they hang on his every word, respect for his talent is obvious, ensuring the team in the salon are all well trained and continue to learn daily.

Following a relaxing, thorough hair and scalp cleanse and dry, in readiness for the ‘Diamond Dry Cut’, my restyle began to take shape. I enjoyed watching Michael at work, the focus and concentration instilling a confidence in his ability to create a piece of art, with my not such great quality hair.  A latté and one hour later, with intelligent and interesting chit chat, my hair felt and looked amazing, the style was loose and soft, but had a positive style to it, glamorous, healthy, shiny and youthful.

A month after my Diamond Dry Cut at the Michael van Clarke salon, my style still has a structure to it, my own personal hairdressing skills are not great, but with this great cut have been made all the easier.  I am finding that the body in my hair lasts longer with the 3″‘ More Inches volumising mousse and holding spray.  I am absolutely thrilled to bits with the ‘Diamond Dry Cut’ and the visit to the salon was a truly wonderful experience, one to be repeated regularly.

The Michael van Clarke philosophy is simple, they believe every client deserves to look ‘red carpet ready’ and to be treated with the utmost care and attention, creating a long term relationship, not a short term quick fix, providing the very best in advice with an expert home care routine.  This ensures trust and stability during your salon visits.

Michael has spent many years creating his own range of haircare products, 3″‘ more inches.

The 3″‘ more inches system of naturally derived cashmere proteins in a blend of select conditioning agents penetrates deep into the hair shaft; repairing broken bonds and helping to protect the hair from further disintegration.

The natural amino acids in the cashmere proteins closely match the molecular structure of human hair so fit better in the gaps and hold longer. The 3’’’ more inches system naturally rebuilds every strand for longer stronger younger looking hair.

Following the 3’’’ more inches system slows down the ageing process so your hair stays healthier and grows longer before it dries out. It will be easier to manage, more vibrant looking and hold its colour for longer, giving you more inches of youthful, silky, supple, sexy, healthy hair.

Michael sent me away with some invaluable blow drying tips and armfuls of the 3″‘ inches more products to ensure I continue the good work at home, I’ve been using these for a month now and my hair feel, softer, lighter, stronger and shinier.

I will continue to use the 3′” inches more system, it’s easy to buy online

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