Mocaro – Bespoke Bow Ties With a Masculine and elegant edge

September 23, 2018

Mocaro is an opulent and distinctive men’s accessory brand with strong roots seeded in the bowl of British culture that has formed fashion trends for decades. Signature elements of their proud heritage can be found in every design. Mocaro have adapted to growth and changes within men’s fashion and put a luxurious edge on classic, staple items.

Designed, manufactured and produced in England, signature pieces are all stamped with a unique sponsors mark at the London Goldsmith Assay Office that has been established for over 700 years. Hallmark is a series of stamped marks applied to gold, silver, platinum or palladium. Like the MCR hallmark, every signature item is individually hand stamped with the Mocaro logo, that is made in the world’s famous Jewelry district, Hatton Garden.

The collection forms the perfect combination of masculine edge and elegance, which stems from the sharp precision in which precious metals unite with the finest fabrics.

Mocaro have incorporated sterling silver as well as both rose and yellow gold embellishments as part of their signature style which is placed at center of the ties, created for the modern-day man with a dedicated self-confidence whose personal style shines to create a distinctive look.

Mocaro signature ties are 100% woven silk or 100% genuine leather made and soucred in the UK, ensuring the products are entirely British made.

Not all ties feature the silver detailing, yet maintain the high-quality fabrics; the navy Terminus Classic Tie is 100% silk with a black 100% satin tip.
For more of a statement, the classic ‘Cupid Ready’ bowtie is wine coloured with an adjustable neck band and crafted from 100% silk. This signature piece is adorned with a centre of hallmarked 925 sterling silver, bound with a 18ct rose gold vermeil.

Highlights from the collection include the leather Hercules Ready Ties. These limited-edition bowties are made from 100% genuine Nappa leather and 100% genuine suede finished with a hallmarked 925 sterling silver with an adjustable neck band. These two exclusive ties are perfect for a formal event due to their definitive richness.

The premium end of the collection embodies oversized limited-edition pieces. Each individual tie features unique pattern embossed onto the fabric. Colors are in the shades of an aqua blue, pearly white and light grey.

Bespoke Service

Mocaro bespoke service provides you with the opportunity to own a piece of tailored luxury that is designed to your personal requirements, items to treasure for a lifetime. From weddings to black tie and corporate events, our bespoke service is guaranteed to set you apart from the rest. For further information or to book a one to one consultation, please email

Process of service

Book a one to one consultation
Discuss budget and requirements of initial idea i.e sketches, colors, precious metal, fabric ect with help of designer.
Once the design has been approved, our highly skilled craftsmen will produce the item
Average bespoke pieces can take up to 4-8 weeks according to design.
Item gets sent to London Assay Office for the official MCR hallmarking
Item will be packaged in luxurious packaging and received with a embossed certification of hallmark information card.

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