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November 7, 2018

Modern etiquette it’s about refinement, sophistication, culture and elegance

Nowadays, modern etiquette is about more than manners; it is about refinement, sophistication, culture and elegance. This idea inspired Charles Wilders who attended the prestigious Eton College and Edinburgh University and Daniel Aspinwall who graduated from the world-renowned University College London to establish British Etiquette Tutors in 2018. Both Charles and Daniel, who met at their old firm in the City of London, are incredibly passionate about British culture and etiquette. Engaging, passionate and immaculate, the company has so far privately tutored in the Middle East, London, Monaco, Cannes and Paris and they have now launched in China, Singapore and Hong Kong.

In such a fast paced, globalised and ultra-competitive world, British Etiquette Tutors believe it is more important than ever to understand what modern etiquette is. Thus, British Etiquette Tutors equip individuals of all ages and cultures with a comprehensive understanding of British etiquette, for them to put it into practice with confidence, so they have the edge to stand out from the crowd at the highest level. They work with ladies, gentleman, business professionals, students and children.

The most significant areas that British Etiquette Tutors cover are: dining etiquette, social etiquette, interview etiquette, corporate etiquette, online etiquette, personal presentation, body language and deportment, modern manners, public speaking and the English language. The lessons range anywhere from networking skills, British nuances, tonality, personal presentation, social presence, table manners, formal hosting to excellent first impressions, tea etiquette and cuisine knowledge, amongst many more. Their content is unparalleled, having been created to the highest possible professional standards, by collaborating with leading British experts in their respective fields, such as with leading professors, business psychologists, body language experts, life coaches and celebrity stylists. As a result, the lessons and courses could not be more up to date with cutting-edge research, facts and detail.

So, if you are looking to succeed and socialise at the highest level – British Etiquette Tutors can assist you. The in-depth private lessons cover a topic from front to back, taught either in your home, at a convenient location for you or via their online video conferencing platform. They can also provide translators in the lessons if required and all the services operate on a global level. The tutors can travel to every continent to offer British etiquette tuition and can be dispatched within 48 hours if required. On top of the lessons, they also offer British etiquette group courses, 3 times a year. These are currently run for each of the categories that they tutor and are based in London, Shanghai and Beijing, covering a variety of lesson topics. They are currently taking bookings for their lessons and courses for this Christmas and the New Year period.

Ultimately British Etiquette Tutors’ service results in their clients mastering British etiquette, so they can act in the most impressive way, with class, elegance and refinement, without even thinking twice about it. Learning the rules and protocols of British and international cultures, as well as a plethora of crucial soft skills, the service gives their clients the edge in life, so they have the difference compared to the rest. Overall, British Etiquette Tutors empower their clients to become the best version of themselves, giving them the confidence to achieve and succeed at anything.


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