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April 8, 2019

MSKFP.COM – They are anything but unremarkable

MSKFP is a creative content production company creating still & film content with specialist skills in aerial, on-board vehicle & underwater work. They produce bespoke, innovative and striking film and images for business, brands & products. They’re your personal content creators breathing new life into your business.

They create bespoke content that commands attention and delivers results

No matter what your content is used for – drive your business, a product or a campaign, it needs to be successful. Whether you want to drive purchases, to entice clients to navigate through your site or give you or your product credibility – they have the solution.

They create something for their customers something that stands out from the crowd. As well as being unique, they strive to strike the balance between time and cost, whilst still stopping the audience in their tracks.

Content that works

Their aim is to create beneficial film and photographic content that ultimately delivers results. they endeavour to ensure that every piece of content they create portrays the message you want and is effective.

With a number of high-profile clients and instantly recognisable brands in their portfolio, they deliver stunning, sharp images that inspire and create emotion in people, real life situations that are frozen in time with images that have a distinct, emotive and awe inspiring feel.

Their photography work is a combination of colours, moods and distinctive styles that captures the exact requirement. It is about capturing creativity while blending the needs of the client with their skill. For them, creating images is a passion – it really is that simple.

Director Malcolm SK Fitt has a long history in the creative world beginning his career in graphic/digital design, moving up to Art and Creative Direction for well-known brands. This has led him to a place where ideas are the mainstay of his work. He sees so much more than just the subject – He can create a story or vision that depicts more than what they see. His bases in London, Berlin and Cape Town allow him to have multiple sides to his personality, while his worldwide travels give him a fresh perspective.

“We know that our work is exceptional and will meet your objectives, but we want our client’s to be confident in us too. We strive to create work that stands out from the crowd, and do everything in our power to achieve this. We love what we do, we are proud of what we create, but the true measurement of success are the clicks, likes, shares and comments which goes hand in hand with your return on investment. This is what drives your product. This is the process we follow to ensure we are achieving our, and your goals.”

For him, the main focus of his photographic and film passions have been nature, underwater and people – especially the interaction between them. His style relies heavily on realism: sharp, clear images that are both thoughtful and strong. He believes that they sometimes jar with the environment and will capture this feeling – the play between who they are and where they are.

His technical ability has been honed over many years and ensures that his work is complimented by high-end and modern equipment. He offers art direction and where necessary, will apply post-production techniques to suit his clients brand and thus creating the correct mood.

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