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July 11, 2019


Steeped in the mountain about 1000 meters high, is a hidden eco-luxury gem, Munduk Moding Plantation Nature Resort and Spa (MMP). It was a wonderful feeling as we approached the lush grounds of Munduk Moding Plantation and were initially greeted with bright warm smiles and a golf buggy to accompany us from the carpark through the twisting stone pebble paths of nature, encapsulated by wild plants, colourful flowers and an abundance of bamboo guiding our way.

Upon our journey to the main reception was a beautiful stone statue of Ganesh with a welcome plaque, then upon our arrival, a lifesize Buddha stone statue stood in the middle of a sweet landscaped roundabout, highlighting the front of house. Warm friendly smiles continued to greet us from the wonderful and attentive staff at the front desk, who gave us a cool fresh towel and a cup of hot delicious organic coffee, with a magnificent aroma made on the grounds of the Munduk Moding Coffee Plantation. As we sat sipping our coffee, we soaked up the beautiful reception foyer and opulent surroundings from the stunning arch shaped bamboo roof entrance and bamboo ceiling feature with a natural stone floor and wall tiles, a selection of Balinese art and an eye-catching glimpse of a lush garden backdrop, heading out towards the back area by the pool.

We were then escorted to our luxury quarters in a golf buggy that drove us through the beautiful flower arches and trellises with climbing plants. Then down the cobble stone steps we walked and headed to our luxurious garden suite. An entrance hall welcomed us with natural stone walls and floor tiles that led us into a cosy, modern, warm bathroom with soothing earthy shades. There was both a free-standing bath made of natural stone and a luxury shower wet room, surrounded with beautiful pearl shaped stone tiles. Then stepping in further, we were greeted with a sumptuous bedroom, a delightful King-size four-poster bed was beautifully dressed in a white muslin curtain and a stylish elegant day bed was situated in front of the patio doors looking out onto a private garden, which had a combination of bamboo, pebbles, wispy grass and vibrant flowers.

As the evening drew in, we took a walk and explored the grounds, as we were eager to see the world-famous infinity pool which looks to be quite a spectacle via Instagram! Too our surprise, it was a magnificent feast for our eyes that completely grabbed our attention, so much so that we were mesmerized as we sat gazing out at the infinity pool, which almost resembled a mirrored diving board, stretched afar across the skyline amidst the everchanging floating cloud light show. It had not long stopped raining and the overall mood of the climate was mystical as we witnessed a gentle moving painting of smoky blues and greys, that were highlighted with golden streaks and a visual effect of water extending to infinity. It is the ultimate photo shoot for all the guests who stay at Munduk Moding Plantation and my friend and I were excited to take our spot and stand at the edge of the infinity pool. which was an extraordinary and uplifting moment to be elevated high in the sky overlooking the lush jungle and volcanic peaks. Delighted with our visually captured moment, we headed to the onsite restaurant called Mimpi. The food was delicious, they use fresh and locally produced ingredients and serve a selection of Indonesian, Asian and Fusion dishes and the service was excellent, the staff were very friendly, hospitable and polite. Whether you dine inside or outside in the beautiful garden during the day or evening, the view from the restaurant is jaw-dropping scenery, with the infinity pool looking like the base on the edge of a cliff, truly amazing and the restaurant name Mimpi is perfectly suited (meaning Dream in Bahasa Indonesia).

After a wonderful and soothing sleep, we woke up to bright sunshine beaming into our garden suite. Breakfast was delicious with a fresh water melon and lime juice, a selection of fresh Balinese fruit, a tasty vegetarian omelette with croissants and rolls and an inhouse signature delicious coffee. We sat outside in the beautifully nurtured garden listening to the soothing sounds of nature from the birds tweeting to the crickets and the light splashes coming from the infinity pool, whilst overlooking the natural stone jacuzzi situated within the beautiful flowerbed and idyllic and spectacular view.

Amidst the tranquillity and relaxation, there is a choice of complimentary activities offered to the guests at Munduk Moding Plantation to introduce the surrounding beauty of the Balinese culture and nature. One of the unique and authentic experiences is the guided walk on the coffee plantation and visiting the modern processing and roasting facilities, to learn about the essence of their speciality coffee through the roasting and cupping sessions. There are also opportunities to take a private guided tour with one of the hotel drivers and soak up the surrounding environment of Munduk, viewing some of the local sites, such as the cultural market, botanical garden, floating temple, Munduk waterfall, Tamblingan lake, treks galore to explore the green highlands and villages, Wanagiri Hidden Hill and Handara gate. After a relaxing couple of hours on the comfy sun loungers and as the midday temperature began to rise, my friend and I had booked a local tour with a friendly and knowledgeable driver, who escorted us to some beautiful eye-catching locations with some impressive backdrops that were very instagrammable! We had fun visiting Wanagiri Hidden Hill and enjoyed the many photo platforms of photogenic viewpoints that included swings, hearts, nests, extended bridges and more, all with a stunning backdrop of Buyan lake amidst the bright blue sky and rolling mountains. Our last stop was at the famous Handara Iconic gate which is the entrance to Handara Golf & Resort. The tall and picturesque gates that frame the mountains have become incredibly popular over the last few years and are now at the top of most visitors lists when visiting Bali for an extra special photo shoot, especially at the early hours of sunrise! A wonderful tour was had, and we felt fulfilled having touched on the beautiful nature and attractions of Munduk. Upon our arrival back to Munduk Moding Plantation, we were fortunate to catch the magical moments of sunset through the lens of the vanishing edge infinity pool and once again we were swept off our feet by its spectacular golden hour performance and breath-taking scenery.

Feeling utterly grateful and moved by our incredible experience at this superb and unique location, could things have gotten any better? Not to our knowledge, as we were basking in the beauty of nature, however, to our surprise we were fortunate to have an end of day treat at the luxury spa with a two-hour Balinese deep tissue massage. This of course put the cherry on the top of the cake, as from the moment we entered the spa, receiving a warm friendly reception and being fully immersed in the essence of Balinese well-being, from an initial foot treatment-scrub and massage to fully resting on the heated beds with incredible aromas of Balinese aromatherapy oils, we were cradled and floating in pure bliss…

As we left the spa feeling utterly pampered and light as a feather, we made our way back to our garden suite and were pleasantly surprised to catch the latter part of a traditional Balinese music and dance show, playing wonderful soothing tones and watching the ladies elegantly expressing the Balinese dance. It was our final evening at Munduk Moding Plantation and as we were feeling utterly relaxed, we decided to enjoy some room service and sample the variation of the delicious culinary delights, so we picked some of our favourites; nasi goreng and satay chicken! After an exceptionally fulfilling day, we slept like babies and upon waking we enjoyed our final hearty breakfast in the beautiful garden, soaking up the magnificent view and enjoying the wonderful, attentive and heartfelt service from the amazing staff at Munduk Moding Plantation Nature Resort and Spa. It truly was an enriching and memorable experience that most certainly will be repeated in the future.

A: Jl. Asah Gobleg, Gobleg, Banjar, Kabupaten Buleleng, Bali 81152, Indonesia
T: +62 811-3810-123
W: Munduk Moding Plantation

Written by Tania Adams for Luxuria Lifestyle International

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