Natura Bissé – Introduces the new Natura Bissé Diamond Extreme Night Dual Treatment

January 11, 2019

Diamond Extreme Night Dual Treatment is the latest innovation in chronocosmetic skincare, fusing the pioneering technology of Natura Bissé with the most delicate human touch to counteract the natural ageing process. The two-step night-time regime combines two products: Diamond Extreme Oil and Diamond Extreme Mask that use the skin’s natural time of rest to accelerate anti-ageing results. Working together, the dual treatment’s highly concentrated regenerating ingredients reach the deepest layers of the skin, acting upon cells at the epidermis level to stimulate skin renewal. Skin wakes nourished, revitalised, brighter and more beautiful. It is lifted from the inside out – regenerated and rejuvenated so that it looks and acts younger for longer.


The science of your skin’s clock – Skin, like the rest of the body, has its own biological ‘clock’, that follows the ‘circadian rhythms’ in a 24-hour cycle. Chronocosmetics are designed to utilise those powerful natural patterns to maximise skincare results.

During the night, skin’s stem cells concentrate their energy on repair, renewal and regeneration. With the skin’s cells in ‘repair mode’, the skin absorbs active ingredients at a higher level. With age, the skin’s regeneration process becomes less efficient; Diamond Extreme Night Dual Treatment is designed to aid cellular repair and regeneration, working overnight to give accelerated anti-ageing and antioxidant results.

Diamond Extreme Oil – 30ml, £127

Intensive firming nutrients for face and neck – Diamond Extreme Oil is a nourishing, targeted anti-ageing treatment that combines the fast-penetrating action of a serum, with the luxurious scent and texture of an oil. This unique formula soothes, calms and regenerates the skin; improving elasticity, increasing luminosity and reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

The product includes the exclusive High Definition Massage Tool, the perfect tool to give a facial massage to stimulate the skin and improve the penetration of active ingredients.

Key Ingredients:

Epidermal Renewal Complex (Salicyloyl Phitosphingosine): a sophisticated epidermal self-modulator that enables the skin to become self-sufficient; maintaining a healthy skin barrier and improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This active ingredient helps to boost the production of procollagen and increases cell turnover, which aids the repair of photo-damaged skin.

Progerin Reducer Complex:

Extracted from seaweed, Progerin Reducer Complex helps to maintain levels of progerin —a protein that contributes to skin aging— at their lowest. Progerin Reducer Complex also acts as a protective shield to prevent the deterioration of the skin.

Punicic acid (omega 5):

A ground-breaking antioxidant obtained by cold-pressing pomegranate seeds to preserve the optimal nutritional value and maximum effectiveness of its active ingredients. Omega 5 is an essential fatty acid that fights free radicals and prevents the loss of skin’s elasticity.

Bio-Mimetic Skin Oils:

A fusion of antioxidant chia, amaranth, calendula and carrot oils, combined to provide skin with intense nourishment, hydration and suppleness.

Diamond Extreme Mask – 75ml, £87

Marine DNA overnight treatment with retinol – Diamond Extreme Mask is the final step in the new Natura Bissé overnight treatment, designed to maximise the effect of the Diamond Extreme Oil by sealing the ingredients into the skin. Designed specifically for comfortable night use, its highly refreshing, light and silky texture is combined with a relaxing lavender scent to turn your nighttime beauty ritual into a soothing, sensory experience. The Diamond Extreme Mask provides a high concentration of anti-ageing active ingredients to renew and protect the skin from within.

Key Ingredients:

Marine DNA: Marine DNA is obtained from wild Pacific salmon, using a complex process that extracts and purifies DNA molecules, maintaining the original, double-helix structure. Fibres of marine DNA are then carefully separated to create a highly polymerised product that acts as a protective, epidermal shield. It enhances the skin’s natural defense mechanism — which becomes less effective with age and exposure to UV light — and improves skin’s capacity to fight against free-radicals. The double helix structure of marine DNA is able to penetrate to the deepest layers of the skin and target the areas most in need of repair. Able to bind 10,000 times its weight in water, marine DNA retains hydration and softens the skin.


Retinol has the ability to restructure skin and dramatically reduce expression lines and wrinkles. It has a deep, lasting effect because it increases the production of new fibres and accelerates cellular renewal, noticeably softening skin texture.

Hyaluronic acid:

Intensely hydrating, it softens the appearance of expression lines and increases suppleness.

Copper peptides:

This intelligent ingredient can identify and help fight the anti-aging process by releasing encapsulated copper to specific cells. Copper is essential to improving collagen and elastin production to unveil firmer, more supple skin with fewer wrinkles.


This B vitamin contains significant anti-inflammatory properties and reinforces the skin’s natural barrier. Preserving hydration, it also contributes to cellular metabolism and helps to prevent the appearance of dark spots.

Edelweiss and betaglucans:

Powerful active ingredients with proven regenerative and antioxidant action.

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