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January 28, 2019

Natura Bissé the best thing to come out of Barcelona since Messi

I can’t think of a more amazing way to spend a whole day than luxury shopping at Westfield in White City and then to follow it up, when you’re fully exhausted, with a visit to the newly opened Natura Bissé Spa, situated ideally in The Village.

It’s not an indigence, more a necessity, in my humble opinion. Natura Bissé is voted World’s Best Spa Brand 2018, and rightly so it really is a pioneering luxury skincare company from Spain. The spa is a beautifully designed space and features 99.99% pure air, which I’m told is the most effective way to detox the body and mind.

There are three huge exquisitely appointed hi tech rooms, featuring music of your choice, temperature of your choice, comfortable wide, hydraulic beauty couches, soft fluffy duvets, mood lighting and soft muted tones. To be honest I would have been reasonably happy to just spend an hour here with nothing going on!  Thankfully though my therapist, Jess, with probably the most gorgeous skin I’ve ever seen, was preparing for my Signature Diamond Chrono-Lift Treatment.

This is the 4 step procedure that I enjoyed

A unique and unrivalled experience that includes essential aromas, masterful techniques and active, innovative ingredients which provide effective and noticeable results.

1. Luminous cleansing ritual and gentle skin resurfacing

The first step for perfect skin is a cleansing ritual. Luminosity and radiance are achieved through exclusive emulsions from DIAMOND WHITE COLLECTION, formulated with natural sugars and pomegranate.

The skin is then exfoliated with RADIANCE LIFTING PEEL. This cutting-edge peel not only removes dead skin cells, but lifts and restores radiance at the same time! This powerful but gentle 2- step exfoliation consists of a novel cocktail of acids that work in synergy to treat different kind of skin conditions (from photo-ageing or pigmentation to oily skin). Its lifting effect improves elasticity and firmness while its effective formulation visibly increases luminosity.

2. Double concentrate: extreme comfort & cellular energy activation, nourishment and firmness

A masterful combination of two different concentrates and massage techniques, created to boost your skin energy and auto-repairing ability.

The first concentrate, TOLERANCE NEUROPEPTIDE, is a masterful botanical formula that will soothe and reinforce your skin, while increasing your well- being sensation.

The second concentrate, DIAMOND EXPERIENCE  NECTAR, will activate the cellular energy of your skin, awakening dormant cells.

3.  Chrono-cosmetic: intensive regeneration and repair + lifting massage

The treatment continues with the unique DIAMOND EXTREME OIL. This sophisticated product includes a sumptuous fusion of select biocompatible oils —chia, amaranth, calendula— and many expert ingredients —the powerful punicic acid (omega 5), Progerin Reducer Complex and Epidermal Renewal Complex—. Thanks to this powerful cocktail, it renews your skin, providing nourishment and firmness from within.

DIAMOND EXTREME OIL is applied with the signature sculpting massage, a combination of luxurious massage techniques that provide lifting and sculpting effect to the facial contour. The results of this massage are enhanced by using the High Definition Massager, a great tool to stimulate the skin and improve the penetration of the active ingredients.

4. Intensive Renewal double Mask

Ultra-lifting and sculpting action gets completed with an exclusive double mask. First, DIAMOND EXTREME MASK seals the DIAMOND EXTREME OIL ingredients into the skin, thus ensuring their absorption and intensifying their benefits. This mask also infuse a high concentration of antiaging active ingredients into your skin such as hyaluronic acid, retinol and marine DNA. After that, INHIBIT HIGH DEFINITION GEL MASK, formulated with a superb combination of hyaluronic acids of different molecular weights. boosts hydration and fills expression lines and wrinkles. It also includes with Boswellia Serrata extract to soothe and calm the skin.

The whole facial is 90 minutes of pure unadulterated heaven. Jess with her wonderful product and treatment knowledge ensured I knew exactly what each step entailed and the benefits. The cleanse was intense and refreshing, the exfoliation was also intense and tingly, but in a good way and was the perfect step to precede the Diamond Extreme Oil massage. The final step was the mask and while that was doing its magic I was treated to an arm and hand massage.

The final step is to protect the skin and get it ready to face the world! And this is exactly what I’ve been doing. In the two weeks since my gorgeous facial the weather has become bitter and windy, a lethal combination for skin, protection and hydration is paramount. To ensure the excellent results of the facial continue at home, my lovely therapist gave me the Diamond Extreme Oil and the Diamond Extreme Mask. I’ve been applying the oil followed by the mask in the evening, just three times a week and allowing it to do its magic overnight. The efficacy of this duo is really quite astounding, my skin feels hydrated and peachy soft, supple and glowy.

In conclusion Natura Bissé remains my single most favourite beauty product, it is efficient, with beautiful aromas and presented in chic packaging.

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A: Ground Floor, The Village, W12 7GF, London

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