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June 15, 2020

Neat – luxury cleaning products fusing style and sustainability

Cleaning products have long been considered a necessary evil in the home – plastic garish packaging that’s harsh on both the environment and your home interior taste. Thankfully new brand Neat has come to the rescue with a revolutionary product that’s both eco-friendly​ and ​aesthetically pleasing.

Neat offers a solution to the ever prevailing plastic crisis, cleverly drawing on our penchant for metallic drinkware (the likes of Chilli and S’well bottles that we’ve become attached to in recent years). Neat is a range of beautiful multi-surface cleaning products. An innovative refillable system, Neat delivers brilliant results with no single-use plastic and without the need to ship unnecessary water (*90% of traditional cleaning products are made up of water).

Neat is just that – a ‘neat’ 30ml vegan and cruelty-free cleaning concentrate that is mixed with 470ml of water at home in a refillable aluminium spray bottle, to create a highly effective plant-based and biodegradable cleaning solution, whilst cutting out wasteful traditions.

The reusable bottles are designed to work in harmony with the interior décor of a modern home, rather than hidden away under the sink. The bottle lines are simple, clean and subtle in aluminium, containing zero single-use plastic, whilst a moulded silicone base allows for durability and a soft-touch landing on surfaces. Neat is inspired by the design cues of reusable drink bottle products and – with proper use – has been developed to last a lifetime; a fusion of style and sustainability.

The concentrate fragrances have been carefully curated to be noticeably different from traditional cleaning brands. Neat calls upon the home fragrance market, opting for scents more synonymous with candles or diffusers such as grapefruit and seagrass, with further

fragrances scheduled in the pipeline. A non-fragranced version was also developed for customers with allergies.
Says Neat founder Ryan McSorley of creating a sustainable cleaning brand, “The homecare industry generates more than 29 billion plastic containers each year and by 2050 there could be more plastic in the ocean than fish. That is why Neat. was created.

We set out to create products that are a step-change towards a more sustainable world. So, people know that their small choices can make a big difference. We may not always feel that we can have a tangible impact on the big picture, but we can choose how we care for our homes.”

The Product Range

The Complete Set ​- 1 x refillable bottle and 3 x 30ml concentrate. Available in grapefruit, seagrass and fragrance-free. £24.
The 3 x Concentrated Refill Bundle​ – 3 x 30ml refills. Available in grapefruit, seagrass and fragrance-free. £9
The Refill Bottle​ – £15
The Concentrated Refill​ – 1 x 30ml – Available in grapefruit, seagrass and fragrance-free – £3


Plastic Freedom

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