Niederegger, synonymous with Marzipan

October 3, 2017

Niederegger and Lübeck go together like bangers and mash or peaches and cream, and is it any wonder the Niederegger marzipan is the cream of the crop, and the proof is in the eating!

Aromatic almonds are the most important ingredient in this delicious high quality confectionary, and they come from  the warm aromatic groves of Valencia, Mallorca and Calderon in Spain, the balmy summer seasons ensuring an abundant and sweet harvest, yearly.

Niederegger is a company steeped in tradition, the almonds are still patiently shelled by hand, checked for quality and checked again before being pumeled into a creamy paste.  There are several processes before the almonds are roasted and the refined sugar added, but finally comes the roasting process in copper pans. The temperature in the huge copper pans reaches a staggering 95 degrees, which brings out the aroma and flavour of these very specifically prepared almonds.

The Niederegger confectionary production is probably one of the most impressive systems, the machinery is efficient and masterful, but most impressive is the artistry involved to produce these staggeringly delicious boxes of delight. Little pigs and personalised marzipan plaques are hand painted, in fact many of the sweets are delicately painted by hand by well trained hard working members of an extremely passionate team of ‘Marzifans’, between 500 and 750 to be exact. The colouring agents for the finishing touches is naturally derived ensuring the continuing high quality of the Niederegger products.

The marzipan stars, loaves and hearts, coated in chocolate are wrapped in aluminium foil and popped into designer style boxes, mechanically. There are numerous flavours to tempt your tastebuds, and to be honest I can’t decide my favourite. I bought home several boxes, ginger and cinnamon being one of the most popular, but equally the pistachio was mouth waveringly divine, as is the espresso covered in dark chocolate, the rum cracknel or the fruity orange, shall I go on?!  The choices are endless and ever evolving. It’s going to be tough to give these little magical treats away!

Following our fascinating tour of the factory we had a fabulous lunch in the Niederegger café in the centre of Lübeck, after passing through the shop that sells in excess of 100 different types of cakes, pasties and marzipan specialities, including the festive packages of Santa marzipan figurines with hand painted rosy cheeks, advent calendars, nougat and truffles. Seasonally Niederegger produce different flavours and specialities. Easter, Halloween and Christmas see new and exciting gifts and surprises to tempt your tastebuds.

To buy all of these lovingly prepared specialities you will need to visit the Niederegger café. The café was opened in 1880 by Wilhelm Köpff who was pleasantly surprised by the success. The café attracted socialites and visiting dignitaries, not to mention local politicians, who used the café to hold meetings outside of the office and to indulge in the café menu, which is typically German and very tasty. We had a fabulous lunch in the café, the food was delicious and this was Germany so naturally the service was efficient and friendly. I definitely made the right choice – Büsumer Krater-Krabben, which is succulent shrimps with herbs, scrambled eggs and Swiss potatoes, but I could have had chicken liver salad, potato soup with bacon or even a delicious veal meat pie, the menu is great, and I washed it all down with a lovely glass of chilled white wine, German of course!

Lübeck is steeped in intriguing history, the churches are magnificent and the streets hold an abundance of most interesting facts, but your trip to Lübeck would not be complete without a visit to the Niederegger Café, to dine in the fabulous restaurant and to fill your shopping bag full of the world’s most famous and delicious marzipan treats.

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