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May 28, 2020

Nialaya Jewelry- Handmade luxury with a spiritual edge

Nialaya Jewelry distinguishes themselves from many of their top competitors, by not only priding themselves in their handcrafted jewellery, moreover, they are also selling and portraying a luxurious lifestyle with a spiritual touch to their customer base, whom they perceive as family.

Danish Designer, Inspiration from India & Handmade in Hollywood

The brand was founded in 2009 by Danish designer Jannik Olander, with his large fanbase and follow- ing from around the world is the front figure of Nialaya. Jannik is for many the ultimate representation of success; from being born and raised in a small town in Denmark, to establishing a global and well- known enterprise, which has led to him being fortunate enough to live a lifestyle that comprises luxury cars, travels and things that most people only can dream about.

Jannik has appeared in numerous TV shows such as being the main character on Bravo’s: “Euro’s in Hollywood”. Jannik started a charity in 2014 for an orphanage in Thailand. In 2019 he won the consumer votes price for “Best Jewelry designer in LA” along with having his best year in the company. Just recent Jannik was nominated as No 1. of “Top 10 Entrepreneurs of 2020” by Yahoo Finance.

However, Jannik remains grounded to his humble background and has a deep and embodied passion for healing powers and the spiritual world evolving around him. This is also exactly where his motivation and idea to start Nialaya awakened from.

While visiting Goa, a coastal city in India, Jannik met a local Shaman named Nialaya who encouraged him to pursue his dreams and stop chasing monetary gain. Jannik profoundly reflected upon this, and upon returning from his trip he developed a jewellery company deeply rooted in spirituality and the promotion of energy healing. He named the company ‘Nialaya’ as a tribute to the Shaman who provided him with life-changing insight. Jannik began designing and creating beaded macrame necklaces and bracelets in the garage of his Hollywood Hills home.

This led to the establishment of Nialaya’s slogan; ‘Handmade in Hollywood’, as each piece of jewelry was strung together by hand without the use of machinery or mass production. Each precious and semi-precious stone was used to stimulate spiritual healing powers; each finished item was then purified with a cleansing sage.

Today, the slogan still exemplifies the company’s value proposition and henceforth core offering. With this, they strive to differentiate from their competitors, by offering customers handcrafted quality made in their Hollywood, Los Angeles studio.

A collection of handcrafted luxury goods

Nialaya celebrated their 10-year anniversary in the Fall of 2019. This also marked 10 years of rapid growth and expansion from its humble beginning in Jannik’s garage up until to today, where the brand with its worldwide presence and recognition boasts a collection of both Men’s & Women’s bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings. Jannik is constantly designing and creating new pieces for the company. They release a new collection twice a year, which today foremost characteristically includes the brand’s iconic beaded bracelets in a variety of stone and colour combinations made from precious and semi-precious stones.

Nialaya’s precious and semi-precious stones are ancient talismans and are highly spiritual, sacred and powerful. The stones and crystals directly amplify and accelerate energy patterns which combine their natural power with the strength of one’s desires to assist in spiritual, emotional, physical and holistic healing.

This in other words; gives customers opportunities such as benefiting from Matte Onyx’s ability to change bad habits or gifting a loved one a bracelet with Rose Quartz to symbolize unconditional love.

Moreover, it also comprises bracelets handmade from braided leather, exotic stingray, 925 sterling silver, stainless steel and 18k gold. Likewise, the collection also consists of unique rings, necklaces and earrings that Jannik take pride in being distinguishable by their unique details and design. Jannik has always had a passion for style and luxury, but his many trips to the Far East are what developed and diversified his eclectic taste. Bali, Thailand, and India have become the designer’s favourite destinations for collecting inspiration, gaining insight, and rejuvenating before a new piece of jewelry come to life. Jannik carefully searches for each precious stone, bead, animal and pendant that inspire him to create the next piece.

Yet, Jannik has taken inspiration in his design of the Tulum Collection from the untouched white sand beaches, cobalt blue water of Tulum and colourful and vibrant architecture hiding in the jungle of Quintana Roo. Likewise, what makes it extremely unique to Jannik, is that the town was developed consciously to respect the synergy with its natural surroundings. Businesses are all eco-friendly and powered by sustainable energy sources.

Additionally, the designer is a repeat visitor to the island of Mykonos where he loves spending his summer to reload with inspiration and restore before returning to the demanding, but incredible work and social culture of Los Angeles. Hence, the Mykonos Collection is inspired by the laid-back lifestyle, which is exactly what Jannik enjoys so much about coming to the little Greek Island.

Customize your own bracelet

Jannik recently welcomed Nialaya’s customers into the world of designing and creating bracelets with the company’s newly launched customization tool; Build-A-Bracelet. This allows Nialaya’s customers to bring their own design ideas to life, and simultaneously feel like they are a part of the so-called ‘Nialaya family’ that the brand takes pride in and strives to induce.

Nialaya has made their tool user-friendly and simple to use, which allows anyone to design their own bracelets in a few and simple steps. The tool comprises a ‘blank canvas’ which gives endless design options for both men and women from beaded to leather bracelets.

The healing stones for the beaded bracelets, come in 3 different sizes and a variety of colours with their own distinctive healing powers from Agate to Black Jade, Sapphire, Tiger Eye, Bali Turquoise and many more – the list goes on. To add a hint of luxury, customers can adorn their bracelet with both diamonds, CZ diamonds, gold and silver beads. If they want to stand out, even more, they can add a buddha head bead for a spiritual vibe or keep it cool with their CZ diamond skull bead.

The brand also offers several classic leather styles for him or her, made from luxurious hand-braided leather adorned with unique and interesting closures and charms for a timeless and elegant look. Nialaya has made it easier than ever to become a bracelet designer in the comfort of your home.

When a customer finishes their design and check-out, the bracelet will be handmade immediately in Nialaya’s Los Angeles studio, where the company prides themselves in delivering a superior customer experience by shipping it out on the same or preceding business day as the order was placed.

Exceptional customer experience

Nialaya strives to provide exceptional service to their online customers, as this is the brands only direct sales touchpoint with customers besides their Los Angeles Flagship store. Hence, Nialaya ships worldwide and provide ultra-fast shipping. All Nialaya’s handmade pieces are carefully placed in a black pouch and then set in the brand’s significant black leather gift box and finished off with a black silk bow. All orders are sent with a personal card from the Nialaya Team.

Nialaya aims to handcraft and design pieces of the highest quality possible. However, to ensure outstanding service, they provide a lifetime guarantee and free repairs in rare incidents, where this may be needed.

Likewise, the brand strives to create a sense of a luxurious community feeling on their social media platforms. Through their carefully curated Instagram feed, they invite their customers into a lavish universe with a spiritual edge. Moreover, they also welcome their customers to send messages on Instagram or Facebook, whether it is about a design proposal or an inquiry for a custom design. This is done to remove the distance between the brand and its customers and create a non-formal environment, whilst providing a fast and convenient customer experience.

Furthermore, they engage with their customers on a daily basis through liking, sharing and commenting on customers’ pictures of themselves wearing Nialaya.

Although the brand only directly sells to their customers through their flagship store and online web shop, they have throughout the years built an impressive network of exclusive in-store and online retailers around the world.

From local Beverly Hills boho-luxe to becoming a celebrity lead

The first Nialaya collection was sold to a renowned Beverly Hills boutique where it caught the eyes of famous faces. The company quickly gained notoriety with Hollywood celebrities and has grown to become one of the largest celebrities endorsed brands. The popularity of the brand spread internationally and the demand for boho-luxe designer jewel231§ry prompted the company to open up its online web store. In 2010 the company unveiled their flagship store at their prominent Los Angeles retail address – 8215 Melrose Avenue.

Nialaya has expanded rapidly and is today sold in some of the most prominent stores around the world such as Selfridges and soon to be available in Harrods, UK.

The company sells to 135 countries every year and 60% of the brand’s revenue is generated from its online flagship store.

Furthermore, Nialaya is also to be found on an extensive list of exclusive online retail sites such as Farfetch, Zalando, The Iconic, Miinto and The Rake in order to accommodate Nialaya’s diverse and international clientele.

Join the Nialaya Family

Diverse and international – are also the exact same words that can be used to describe the Nialaya family, as this is composed of Nialaya’s clientele of customers around the entire globe that are the reason why Nialaya exists.

At Nialaya they put their customers at the heart of the business in order to deliver exceptional customer experience.

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