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August 12, 2019

Nightjar – breathing new life into forgotten cocktails

I’ve recently had the pleasure of sampling Nightjars new summer cocktail menu and I can tell you that it was a plethora of flavour and excitement.

Entering the venue, you’re welcomed into the speakeasy downstairs area and attentively sat down. We were placed opposite the stage area next to a selection of very vintage alcohols in a beautiful cabinet – I felt like I’d stepped into the wizarding world of Harry Potter in the 1920’s.

Our server Raphael couldn’t have been any better – he made recommendations based on my favourite style of cocktails: strong, flavoursome and boozy and knew the story behind each cocktail, as well as the type of pairing it went well with the food menu.

The first cocktail chosen was ‘Tickle my fancy’ and that it did. The cocktails come beautifully presented, each cocktail has a unique glass jar, bottle, flask and the rum cocktail even came with soaked rum cake whilst being set on fire in front of us. The flavour from the R Kane Collins was amazing, well-balanced with the mix of Kombucha and Tropical rums.

We paired our cocktails with calamari (even this looked gorgeous!) and almost looked too good to eat.

What a display.

After our two cocktails, we decided to have a sharing one because we were enjoying the evening so much: Assassins story. To my delight the story behind this was fantastic, not only was the cocktail a huge Chinese inspired pot, but there was a secret mechanism which changed the cocktail (that’s right – two cocktails, one pot). The story behind this was that assassins would invite their enemies to tea, they would drink the safe tea first and then poison their enemies!

We then settled in to watch an evening of live Jazz and blues, it felt like we were underground in New York and that we weren’t supposed to be drinking there! Not many bars in London offer this type of vibe from the second you walk in all the way through to when you leave & when it was time to leave, we really did not want to. We were seated right in front of a live band, we were served with popcorn and water, both of which were refilled throughout the night. There is a massive choice of whacky, sophisticated and impressive cocktails on the menu so I would suggest having a look before to gather some idea (otherwise the waiters/waitresses do help).

The live music was fantastic – very talented, leaving me and my partner engrossed in the music throughout the night!

There’s no doubt in my mind that this is the perfect date night, mid-week break, girls evening or birthday spot and we can’t wait to come back for more.

Before the night was up we got given a pack of cards that were one of the best marketing tools ever – they had all of the cocktails on them and will be a token for the excellent service, drinks and jazz we had that evening.

A: 129 City Rd, Old Street, London EC1V 1JB
T: 020 7253 4101
W: Nightjar

Written by Kaya Cheshire for Luxuria Lifestyle International

Instagram / #Luxurialife