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June 14, 2020

Norshek beauty mixed with nature

Norshek, An Egyptian startup that is all about health and beauty, has launched in the latest 2019. The beauty of Norshek is not only found in her sophisticated natural products to maintain the best effect on your skin and body but also in the journey to make the products happen.

Norshek’s environmentally friendly concept is derived from investing her time connecting with nature as Norshek Fawzy, the founder of this project decided to leave Cairo’s fast life pace and traffic in search of a healthier lifestyle in El Gouna, Red Sea, where Norshek, the brand, emerged.

El Gouna is where Norshek found that her love for nature was mutual with every resident that lives there. Norshek has a collection of products that awaken the spirits and indulge senses: and that is a consequence of merging passion, freedom, and service with all respect to mother earth.

The herbal teas under the line “soul” do wonders to your body, give you a full sense of nourishment, and a complete state of serenity.

• (Fire it Up) is a decaffeinated herbal tea with ginger, cinnamon, and lemon. It has shown to improve vitality, stamina, immunity, blood circulation, and sex.
• (Let’s do this) is another decaffeinated herbal tea that boosts the energy and helps with weight loss.

It doesn’t just stop there. There is a wholesome collection of herbal teas that ensures fulfilling effect leaving your body centred and relaxed.

Another Line is Norshek’s outstanding soap collection with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, exfoliating, cleansing, energizing, anti-ageing, and mosquito frightening effects has been the centre of attention of many women looking for organic products. “Beautiful bar” and “Dead see stuff” have been the best sellers in a list of remarkable soap collections.
Norshek is still cooking something in the area of hair care routine, and we are expecting satisfying results from this highly promising brand.

You can also shop online and have the products delivered to Gouna, Hurghada and Cairo.
A: MB18-01
Abu Tig Marina, El Gouna
SM: Instagram

Written by Nada Morshedy for Luxuria Lifestyle Egypt

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