Not your average kettle

November 14, 2017

Smarter’s brand new iKettle is a modern, sleek and minimalist design making it the perfect addition to the home.

While the appearance is stunningly simple, it’s what goes on behind this clever boiling appliance that makes the iKettle far superior to anything else in your kitchen.

Firstly, what sets it apart is that it connects to your Wi-Fi, allowing you to customise the boiling settings remotely wherever you are via the Smarter App on your smartphone.

This means you can adjust the temperature to your exact specifications, which makes it ideal for precise boiling rates of various teas.

The iKettle’s incredibly convenient features don’t just allow you the flexibility to warm your water anywhere between 20 and 100 degrees, but can actually keep it on standby at your desired temperature for up to 40 minutes.
By using the app, you can also set alarms with ‘Wake up mode’ in the morning to trigger the kettle to boil before you’re even out of bed. Amazing!

There is also a ‘Home mode’ which can be set to prompt the iKettle to start boiling when you walk in the front door of your home, ready when you are.

Unsure of how much water is left in the kettle? No worries just jump onto the Smarter App to check the water level to see how many cups you can still make.

All these features can be set using the Smarter App when you’re either at home or out somewhere.

Why a 3rd Generation?

The new edition of the iKettle is packed with some pretty awesome features including the ability to now connect to other smart devices in your home like Amazon Echo or Google Home.

This means you can simply switch on the iKettle by speaking to it with a voice command. e.g. ‘Alexa, boil my kettle.’

This the Smarter’s IFTTT services for the iKettle opens up a world of possibilities. Discover what IFTTT can link the iKettle to including Philips Hue Lights, Nest Cam or even your BMW. Send a SMS or email to get the kettle going in the morning.

Never run out of tea again. Smarter now has an in-app replenishment service, sourcing the best quality tea and coffee from our exclusive partner East India Company, delivering it straight to your door. Merely select which tea you prefer from the range on the Smarter App.

Perfect for parents

The new iKettle is not just aimed at tech lovers out there but also for young mums and dads who could do with a little help during those late night feeds with a newborn.

A ‘Formula mode’ will boil the iKettle automatically and then cool to the correct temperature before notifying the user when its ready for formula.

This allows parents to spend more time in bed or tending to their baby and less time pacing and testing temperatures in that usual manner as you desperately wait for the milk to cool.

The story of the iKettle?

Smarter as a company is at the forefront of connected technology, swiftly becoming one of the UK’s fastest growing connected home companies.

Having pioneered the emerging ‘connected kitchen’ lifestyle back in 2013 with the world’s first ever WiFi-enabled kettle, the iKettle, Smarter have continued to go from strength to strength now creating more innovative kitchen appliances that are changing the way we live for the better.

The idea of connected kitchen products was first identified by ‘Young Entrepreneur of the Year’ and Smarter CEO Christian Lane.

Christian, an industry tech leader recognised a very real purpose for bringing more innovation to the household, particularly disrupting the traditional kitchen setting!

Smarter’s latest ground-breaking range of products including iKettle (3rd Gen), Smarter Coffee (2nd Gen) and FridgeCam, the world’s first wireless fridge camera, are delivering digital solutions that can save money, time, energy and food waste in our everyday lives.

As the smart home industry continues its rapid rise, so does Smarter, with continued plans to revolutionise the way we live and who are dedicated to the continued creation of a more connected life.

The latest iKettle (3rd Gen) is available now for £99.99.

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