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September 8, 2016


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NRPR Group is not your typical public relations or social media marketing agency. We’re Beverly Hills’ premier strategic positioning agency, with services specifically designed to be different than anything any other agency offers. Comprised of a group of hybrid publicists, content creators, strategic marketers and creative minds, NRPR Group helps great businesses, celebrities, entertainment companies and consumer products earn the attention they deserve through publicity, social media marketing, brand development and events.

The team at NRPR Group knows that at any and every stage in a company’s life cycle, there is always a story to tell, and we understand how difficult it can be to get your brand’s message in front of the right audience. We pride ourselves in knowing that with the evolution of traditional, digital and social media, there are many ways to communicate our clients’ stories. We see the value in combining unique content creation with strategic social activity and brand development, and we’re focused on creating relationships, building friendships and fostering that human touch for the benefit of our clients.

NRPR Group is not laser-focused on only getting our clients media coverage, which is what most traditional PR agencies do. We do that and so much more. Why? Because there are so many more ways to communicate our client’s stories. Media coverage, digital channels such as websites and blogs, and social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, should all be working together as one cohesive ecosystem for your brand, and we are here to make that happen.

Beyond our work for our clients, NRPR Group is on a mission to continually innovate the public relations industry through initiatives such as our PRfect Pitch radio show and our PRactical Guide to Publicity video series.

Hosted by founder and CEO, Nicole Rodrigues, PRfect Pitch is a national radio show created to help PR and marketing pros step up their game when it comes to media relations and best practices. Twice a month, Rodrigues welcomes either a fellow public relations professional or a member of the media to share their insights about pitching responsibly and thinking more creatively for brands and clients.


Nicole Rodrigues
Nicole Rodrigues

NRPR Group’s PRactical Guide to Publicity video series was developed to teach C-Level executives, particularly CEOs and CMOs, the true benefits of strategic public relations. Since these executives are often times the ones hiring PR professionals, Rodrigues created the series to help those without a background in PR understand the ever-changing media landscape and help them get the most from their PR efforts. PRactical Guide to Publicity was also created to help build more affinity, respect and understanding for the PR industry from others who desire more information before incorporating it into their business plans. Rodrigues hopes this series will encourage others in the PR industry to chime in on the conversation and make it a communal effort to help one another.

NRPR Group was named New Agency of the Year in Bulldog Reporter’s 2015 Stars of PR competition, and received a Gold Hermes Award for its PRactical Guide to Publicity video series.

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