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September 26, 2018

Oak House No.1 – Your Luxury Hotel in The Cotswolds

The discreet and small gated entrance of the house opens up to a shocking crimson and cobalt blue walled gallery of artworks and a stunning array of antiques from India, Marrakech, South of France and Australia – all bundled together into a beautiful showcase of the world’s most exotic and eclectic mix of gorgeous antiquities.

Pictures of Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, and Ho Chi Minh are stylishly captured in deep colour paintings in the blue lounge that pop. One can have afternoon tea here served by probably one of the most stylish couples in the Cotswolds – Gary and Nicola Kennedy. This cool couple met 24 years ago on a beach in Mykonos and travelled the world with their son for 12 years; only returning to the UK for their son’s schooling. Tetbury is the 3rd most desirable place to live in the UK and, choosing to stay there, they opened a boutique hotel named after the house Oak House.

My boyfriend and I plunged down into the silk cream Frette sheets on a four poster bed within our grandiose 1st floor bedroom “The Cavalier Suite”. Multi-coloured Murano glass bowls and a melee of different lights spotlighted our bedroom to perfection. With a private library sitting room filled with books on art, interior design, and fashion grazed the walls. Each chair and furniture piece have been carefully selected throughout the house without two being the same. Art has been scavenged and found upon the owners’ travels around the world and carefully adorned to each wall like a Wonderland of treasures from a far off place.

Oak House No 1 spoke to the inner explorer in me. I want to now travel the world and hunt for art and go to Marrakech to traverse the landscape of pocketed lanterns and gilded bronzed tables. I want to find my own favourite artists in each tiny place I travel and look back at the times I went to Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Morocco, Tunisia, Ghana, Nepal as trips wasted as a potential art collector.

Why didn’t I pick up relics of landscape paintings when I only brought back from Nepal a photograph I took myself of an Elephant bathing in the rapti and the Kukri knife I found in a tourist’s shop. Why didn’t I go to the base of the Himalayas and uncover a hidden watercolourist? Why didn’t I find a wood carver on the beaches of Tunis? Why didn’t I uncover a pop digital artist from Abu Dhabi and take her work back with me? The nonsensical hypothetical questions are endless but the solution is clear now – I want to start collecting from my travels because the Oak House No 1 owners’ passion for art and travel has inspired me.

The Cotswolds is quaint and gorgeous and Oak House No 1 is a stone throw’s away from Prince Charles at Highgrove House. I found this delightfully unique luxury hotel courtesy of Tatler and Telegraph reviews raving about how it is the A-list spot in the Cotswolds and one of the best hotels and I completely concur. With three bespoke rooms available and a top asking price for a night’s stay at £695 per night for the top suite; it is duly worth it. This boutique hotel is amazing and glorious and awe-inspiring in every way. From the carefully crafted menus offering the most delightful home made English breakfast with black pudding even Jamie Oliver’s friend Jimmy has lauded as the best in England. To the personalised touch of the art collected and presented proudly in each of the rooms. To the gorgeous hand picked flowers to the hand written suggestions of where to go to when visiting the Cotswolds – they have this luxury bed and breakfast business down to a T. And with the Kennedy’s passion for travel, they only spend six months of the year in the Cotswolds whilst the rest of the year they either are living in their treehouse in Australia or sunning in the South of France.

Even upon returning to our room after a day at a friend’s wedding, the room was perfectly clean and put back together in the tidiest manor- giving this boutique hotel the 5-stars it deserves.

Oak House No 1 is probably hands down the coolest hotel in the Cotswolds with 5-star service, delicious breakfast and hosts to die for.

W: Oak House No.1
A: Oak House No. 1, The Chipping, Tetbury, Gloucestershire, GL8 8EU, UK
T: 01666505741

Written by Jessica Patterson for Luxuria Lifestyle International

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