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April 18, 2020

O’Juvi Fragrances – Gold Luxury for any Occasion

O’Juvi Paris Eau de Parfum is more than just luxury fragrances, they are a range of unisex, premium, niche and extremely exclusive fragrances with a powerful scent you will love! The brand was born when the creators envisioned a niche range made from the finest ingredients that will make any individual feel confident and each one of these scents does just that! O’Juvi produces perfumes, colognes and essential health and beauty items.

There are many emerging luxury brands this year and O’Juvi has definitely made their mark in the niche and luxury market not only with their angel series but also with their most exclusive and exquisite product yet – O’Juvi Gold, a fragrance made with actual gold! The most exciting part of it all is that their range has hit the shores of South Africa. The range is available from their magnificent boutique showroom in Sandton, Johannesburg as well as online from their website. Each fragrance is crafted with precision and has a long-lasting scent that will last the entire day or night due to using the highest and purest concentration.

The O’Juvi range is produced in France on a much smaller production scale and can only be found in very few retail stores. This, therefore, qualifies them as a niche fragrance. With a mission to provide quality products and to offer unique scents to sustain the value, lifestyle and individuality of every man and woman worldwide, this range is the one to have in 2020!

O’Juvi Gold

With 23-carat gold shavings, this is the most exclusive fragrance of them all. The unisex fragrance with an extreme long-lasting all-day scent is made from the most expensive and premium ingredients sourced worldwide. With an Italian design to die for, the diamond-shaped bottle further carries out the luxurious look and feel of the brand. Each gold sliver is meticulously hand shaved with extreme care and precision, ensuring the perfect balance and addition to the fragrance.

This scent was created to represent opulence and luxury specifically for the O’Juvi Paris Brand. As the perfume is used, the gold fragments settle on your skin leaving you ready for any occasion. It is a limited edition product and only a specific number have been produced worldwide. Each bottle comes with a serial number and 23-carat gold certification.

Angel Series

The Angel Series is made up of six exclusive niche scents with the highest quality ingredients. The black, gold and white colours are symbolic to the theme of the O’Juvi brand which is highlighted by the opulent style of each 70ml, Italian design bottle. The popular collection is loved by both men and women, however, the one white bottle “Dancing Under the Full Moon” is recommended for women. The Angel Series ensures a fragrance for every individual and occasion with so many unique and wonderful scents, described as follows:

“Another Story” – Spicy – A complex and mystical fragrance that exudes soft woody and spicy notes and is full of character and old-world sophistication.

“Nights Tales” – Musky – A fragrance playing on the contrasting facets of simplicity; its bright and poignant freshness is rounded by the scent of patchouli, musk and cedarwood.

“Black Ombre” – Citrus Ambery – A fragrance dedicated to the richness of jasmine enveloped with violet and warm amber.

“Oud Amber Harmony”– Woody Ambery – A potion of animalic oud, precious floral bouquet and citrusy bright top.

“One Thousand and One Nights”– Woody Floral – This is a fresh and balsamic fragrance refreshed by the essence of rose, oud and oriental amber.

“Dancing Under the Full Moon”– Floral Sweet – Like a mirage, a journey of the senses: an opulent, voluptuous and textured fragrance. Delicious

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