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March 25, 2019


Introducing CELIA Organic, naturally carbonated beer with the benefit of being gluten-free.

100% organic and brewed using just three ingredients, CELIA Organic is a premium craft Czech lager ideal for even the most discerning lager drinker. Moravian malt sourced from the Bohemian region, 100% locally sourced organic Saaz hops and sand-filtered water from the Žatec foothills combine to create a delicious, refreshing lager with a delicate bitterness and a hint of citrus, which also has the added benefit of being gluten free.

CELIA Organic is #BrewedForFood, pairing perfectly with herb- roasted chicken, grilled meat or subtle seafood dishes.
“The floral aromatic Saaz hops are an ideal match for a fresh seafood dish” – Martin Vozar, CELIA resident chef.

CELIA Organic is traditionally batch brewed for over two months in a small micro-brewery housed inside the castle walls of the historic city Žatec in Czech Republic. Every batch of CELIA is brewed using a patented de-glutenisation process which gives the beer the benefit of being gluten free, whilst a silicon filtration technique means CELIA is also suitable for vegans. In addition, a natural carbonation process is used to give the beers a light mouth feel, without compromising on taste.

CELIA Organic Lager is available from Tesco stores nationwide and Waitrose stores nationwide, Tesco and Waitrose online, Ocado and selected Oddbins, Booths and Whole Foods stores.

CELIA Lager is brewed using Moravian Malt, 100% Organic Saaz Hops and sand-filtered water, locally sourced from the Žatec foothills. The 100% Saaz hops are a key ingredient, chosen from an award- winning crop in Žatec where they have been growing hops for over 700 years, providing the distinctive floral aroma that characterises CELIA Lager. CELIA is hand-crafted during its journey through the brewery with malted barley being released to the mashing tun and wort being transferred by manual control. Straining taps are opened and closed and hops are also dosed manually by hand ensuring our hand-on approach is felt throughout the brewing process.

RRP £2.49.

W: Celia Lager
E: Alice
T: 020 7434 4100

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