Overgaard’s Shadow…What is it in the mind of a Photographer?

January 20, 2014

It is quite fascinating listening to Overgaard talk about finding the magic light and what makes a photo sparkle.  He is definitely a photographer led by intuition and has broken every possible rule that defines a great photo.

2014 is here and we want to give you more experiences that fit the Luxuria Lifestyle.  We all love to take pictures here and there, but when you decide to get the best equipment you will start looking at Leica cameras.  They are German tools that are famous for their iconic rangefinders and a long list of renowned photographers such as Henry Cartier or Robert Capa who used them.  On this occasion, we worked closely with Thorsten Overgaard, who has an extensive repertoire of Leica bodies and lenses that help him to capture the light in a unique way.

Overgaard started his career when he was just 10.  His love of photography has just grown and now his work is being printed in international magazines and sold by galleries.  He is fully dedicated to transmitting his knowledge to other passionate photographers that want to grow their photography skills or are in need of inspiration.  Thorsten has been running workshops for the last four years, globally and he is planning to tour across 24 cities in 2014.  We were fortunate to join him in London and it was a Luxuria experience I strongly recommend.

The workshop is structured over a long weekend, which prepares you to be comfortable using your camera (hopefully a Leica, but not necessarily) and to be confident shooting models and in the street.  Within the first day, you reflect on your own photography and get to know the fundamentals of your camera and lenses.  Thorsten conveys that we should not be dependent on the latest bit of equipment and instead focus on your skills to make something special and unique.  ¨Your style will be dictated by what you want to shoot and how you want the world to see it¨, says Overgaard.

Our big day started in Central London at 9:00am for a full day of street shooting.  One camera, one lens.  You wouldn’t be a street photographer otherwise. Overgaard advised us that every lens has qualities that make it special, a good example it is his famous Leica Noctilux which he exclusively uses to create beautiful memories.  We walked around London looking for precious moments, while he helped us to set the correct exposure and take a different approach that would make the photograph more interesting.  He, being one of the judges at the I-SHOT-IT.COM competition, has enough experienced to know what works and what doesn’t; even before you look through the viewfinder.   We learned from Overgaard that it is his simplicity to shoot the obvious, but to make it interesting by using wide apertures to highlight the subject, that sets him apart from other photographers.  His photography style is seemingly effortless.  He just goes with the flow!

It is good discipline to edit and process your work after you shoot and that is what we did on our third day.  Thorsten took us from the basic handling of files to the more specialised information of how to make the files future-proof and less dependent on software.  Lightroom is his preferred editing tool for raw manipulation.  He spent individual time with each of us to develop our best files and help us gain a deeper understanding of colour and light within a photograph.  Obviously our fingers were itching to start shooting again and we did that on our last day, while we did a model shoot and portrait.

For all of our readers who want to spend a weekend learning from a distinguished photographer, who has made his way into street and editorial photographing, book a Overgaard Workshop.  His relaxed and fun style of teaching makes it compelling for students who want to grow from the beginning, or for the more experienced photographers looking for the extra help to make their pictures shine.

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