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June 21, 2020

Overwater suites in Golden Ocean Resort are the ultimate luxury escape

Warm clear seas, and pure escapism – say hello to an overwater suite vacation. These luxurious getaways looking over the world’s most beautiful seas are firm favourites with honeymooners, as well as other travellers who love the privacy and sense of adventure that overwater bungalows bring.

The Royal suites in Golden Ocean Resort are the perfect choice for honeymooners, as most units are positioned three to seven feet above the water. One of their most appealing features is that they’ll often feature a glass floor so that you look at the ocean and the sea life beneath your feet. You can Splurge on a Deluxe Beachfront Bure for direct ladder access to the lagoon, a freestanding bath, lounger-strewn deck, and a private plunge pool.

For extra luxury, there is a private yacht that takes you across the Mediterranean waters to your very own overwater royal suite. Once there, you’ll never have to leave your place — you can request to have meals delivered by canoe and decks while you’re only a stepladder’s distance away from the crystalline lagoon.

You can expect the best cuisines and plenty of food choices when visiting Summer Breeze; an open-air restaurant & café with a brilliant lake view, where you can satisfy your taste buds with your favourite dish from a carefully selected menu. The resort is equipped with the best chefs who create masterworks with taste and quality when it comes to food. Fresh local ingredients are always served to a high standard, and new dishes are always added to the menu.

Written By Rewan Ammar for Luxuria Lifestyle Egypt

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