Pasta Remoli a unique Fresh Pasta Experience in London

November 29, 2018

Meeting Chef and owner Simone Remoli was a real treat, he’s a man full of passion for his creative art, his flair for flavour is outstanding, we had probably one of the most memorable dining experiences in a very long time. The atmosphere was fantastic, our fellow diners seemed to be just as excited as us to be enjoying Simone’s fabulous cuisine.

Once seated we slowly took in the menu, there were lots of choices and combinations. The main body of the menu features simple one, two, three – pasta, sauce and cheese choices, of which there are over 140 variations! There are of course other dishes too, including ‘Specialities’, such as pasta with lobster or delicious red prawns. The freshly made pasta gives a culinary excellence to all of the dishes.

Our evening was truly a joy, we began with a lovely selection of cold Italian meats, breads and cheeses, with some gorgeous tomato bruschetta and deep fried fish with dipping sauces. Sharing dishes always seem to create excitement and does seem to gel the dining party, stretching across each other, trying new things, it’s the perfect way to start such a feast.

After a short digestive break we took a while to choose our next dishes. My family all chose different pasta, sauce and cheese combos, but I decided on one of the specials, the spicy pasta with huge juicy red prawns, I have to say with my hand on my heart, I didn’t want the meal to end! The sauce was just the right amount of spicy, the fresh pasta al dante and the prawns, and there were a lot of them, huge and soft. I washed this all down with some scrumptious Pinot Grigio Rosé, perfect.

We finished our meal off perfectly with delicious selection of gelato, a caramel baked cheesecake and coffee.

We stayed for a while to get to know the chef and to hear about how his day pans out, what his future plans are and to hear about his pasta making classes. This will be a visit I can’t wait for, making my own fresh pasta, so exciting! These classes take place in the Ealing Broadway restaurant with Simone, get booking classes are filling up fast.

How it all began

Pasta Remoli is a group of pasta restaurants offering quick and delicious pasta dishes to customers in its Westfield Stratford and Finsbury Park locations. Founded by Chef Simone Remoli, Stefano Anfussi and Francesca Tarquini, the restaurants serve authentic Italian pasta and sauces in a matter of minutes, freshly prepared every day.

Simone moved to London in 2007 to carry on his journey through different cuisines, seeing London as the capital of the culinary scene. For six years, Simone worked in restaurants such as Roka and Robata, Locanda Locatelli, Bocca di Lupo, Barrafina and Quo Vadis, gaining invaluable experience and becoming an expert in cuisines from around the world.

Working in prominent London restaurants, Simone became aware of a gap in the market – there was no one serving top class, homemade pasta with fresh, delicious sauces. He was unimpressed by the quality that was being served in some of the best restaurants in the capital, and wanted to improve on this. This inspired his vision of one day opening a restaurant which had a unique concept; serving traditional, homemade pasta dishes in a quick, affordable and authentic way.

Whilst working at Quo Vadis in Soho, Simone rented the back of the kitchen from the restaurant, where he began to develop the perfect recipe for fresh pasta. Once developed, Simone approached some of London’s top Italian restaurants with his secret recipe, which he would supply to them initially for free. He was so successful, he became unable to supply the large quantities of pasta that they started to demand.

In early 2011, Simone was approached by the new Westfield development being opened in Stratford, who proposed that Simone should open up a restaurant using his pasta recipes in the new shopping centre. The operators had come in to the Zilli restaurant, tried Simone’s dishes, and fell in love.


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