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August 27, 2018

Pearl Opulence Design depicting The Height of Luxury in Soft Furnishing

Our name is derived from the pearl itself and emanates luxury, just as our products do.

Pearl Opulence prides itself on the quality of both our product and our workmanship. We have collaborated with a company who has been in the soft furnishings industry for 20 years, using only the best components such as the threads and trims. Ensuring that the product wears as well as it looks, (please refer to “care” recommendations on our site for best results).

Our aim is to create something truly unique for your bed. We use a variety of textures and tones in each range to create a set of bedding that cannot be found anywhere else. We will stand out from the rest and so will your bed. Ranges will only be made up to 10 times and then discontinued to allow for the next range. This ensures exclusivity.

We have something to suit the needs of each individual person. If you looking for something truly outstanding, have a look at our Sapphire range. Made up royal blue and gold satins and elegantly trimmed to finish it off perfectly. Alternatively, if you are looking for something more subtle, have a look at the Diamond range. Completely white; combining a number of unique textures to bring the set to life, it is easily matched up and still stands out as luxurious.

Many of the items we have in our ranges are double sided such as the entire Moonstone range. Once turned, the entire look of the range is different – one side is subtle and the other rich.

All of the items displayed as a range can be bought individually. We also have what we call sets of accessories. This is made up of a throw with matching cushions. Our throws are not just a trim of fabric for the edge of the bed but instead sized so it can be used as a blanket, lined in the most welcoming, softest suedes. Again, combining unique designs and textures to be added to existing bedding sets or even in the TV room or lounge to liven up your sofas and chairs.

We do offer bespoke options too. Should you wish to tweak the existing ranges by changing the colour or fabric or even the texture, we can do so. Customised bed size and shapes can also be accommodated. You are promised prompt, reliable and trustworthy service!

While our main products are those that sit decoratively on top of the bed, we also provide the comfort of sleeping within it. Our wide range of sheets will meet the needs of every individual – a summer weight sheet with matching summer weight feather duvet inner for a cooler sleep and the same for winter where you’d desire the winter weight for a warm, comfortable rest. Ask us for advice if you need it.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming launches – a new range of silks, linens and satins. The luxury baby range and also our bath linen range – all coming soon.

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