Phantom VIII unveiled by Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

July 31, 2017

Rolls-Royce has taken the wraps off the eighth generation of the Phantom – the latest version of the luxury limousine dubbed “Best Car in the World” when it debuted in 1925.

At first glance the flagship car doesn’t look a million miles away from the outgoing model, but there’s a lot more going on.

For instance, the signature grille and Spirit of Ecstasy mascot are set slightly higher than on the current Phantom.  Flanked by LED headlamps, the grille is also integrated into the surrounding bodywork for the first time.

Emanating from the upper tips of the grille, polished stainless steel strips curve along the upper edges of the bonnet and around the windscreen, accentuating the length of the bonnet.

Rolls-Royce claims the new headlights are “the most advanced laserlight system of any motor car that at night casts light well over 600 metres down the road”.

Just for the record, the Phantom VIII is 8mm higher than the outgoing model, 29mm wider and 77mm shorter.  Despite its 2625kg kerb weight, it can still reach 62mph from standstill in just 5.3 seconds and hit a top speed limited to 155mph.

Cutting-edge design

Inside, the dashboard, or “gallery” as it’s known, is hidden behind a swathe of toughened glass that runs right across the dash area.  An analogue clock – traditionally “the loudest sound you can hear in a Rolls-Royce” is also hidden behind the glass.

A special mention for the sumptuous rear seats which are carefully angled to ensure passengers are able to talk to each other without straining their necks.

The new Phantom is the first in a series of all-new Rolls-Royces, including the company’s much anticipated first SUV, to be built on a unique aluminium spaceframe, called “Architecture of Luxury”.

Approximately 30% more rigid than the Phantom VII, the new architecture will deliver “the Rolls-Royce experience in terms of ride comfort, acoustic comfort, seat comfort, exterior presence and interior space”.

Indeed, Rolls-Royce reckons its celebrated Magic Carpet Ride is improved further thanks to the new lighter architecture and the latest generation of self-levelling air suspension.

Latest technology

Apparently, the suspension makes millions of calculations every second as it continuously varies the electronically controlled shock absorber adjustment system – reacting to body and wheel acceleration, steering inputs and camera information.

It’s also claimed to be the most “silent motor car in the world” as a result of 6mm two-layer glazing and more than 130kg of sound insulation.

Under the bonnet lurks a massive new 6.75-litre V12 twin-turbo engine that produces 563bhp and a remarkable 900Nm of torque, paired with Satellite Aided Transmission (it can makes choices based on the terrain ahead) and a ZF 8-Speed gearbox.

Finally, the new Phantom is also “the most technologically advanced Rolls-Royce ever” – on-board systems include an Alertness Assistant, a four-camera system with Panoramic View, all-round visibility including helicopter view, Night Vision and Vision Assist, Active Cruise Control, collision warning, pedestrian warning, cross-traffic warning, lane departure and lane change warning, plus an industry leading 7×3 high-resolution head-up display.

No word on the price tag for the Phantom VIII, but we don’t think you’ll get much change from £400,000.

Written by Luxuria Lifestyle UK’s Gareth Herincx

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