Planning a Memorable Prom Night

December 13, 2018

It may be months away, but the prom is a once in a lifetime event. Everything from transportation to wardrobe truly must be planned in advance if you are to turn heads and make exceptional memories. How you map out your prom also depends on what you want to do before and after this special event. Make sure you have made arrangements with vendors, paid all deposits, and coordinated with friends so your memorable evening runs smoothly and according to your precise plan.

Laying Out Your Prom Night Plan

As soon as you know the date, time and venue for your prom, you can begin to plan for this magical event. Talk with your friends so that you can make solid arrangements for prom transportation and help your parents select where to meet up. Many groups of teens choose to meet at one person’s house so they can get ready together and parents can take pictures of their children. Your group may want to go out to eat ahead of time or elect to make individual pick-ups. Remember that the day of prom is going to be pretty hectic, so you should have a very detailed itinerary worked out to avoid potential delays.

Selecting a Group for Prom

Some kids go to the prom stag, often couples go by themselves, and more times than not teens go together in groups. Many teens make arrangements for groups to get together, have fun, and share transportation to the prom because it makes the night more exciting. In addition, doing things like arranging to take a limo together can help attendees save on transportation costs. Parents get to play a big part in helping their kids prepare for the prom by hosting pre-parties in their homes or meeting up at a local park to take pictures. Chat with your friends to see what their plans are as soon as you can so that you can incorporate them.

Knowing Your Transportation Options

Getting to the prom is a big deal. Some teens and their parents will truly spare no expense, going as far as arriving at the prom on a camel or descending from a helicopter. While most prom attendees are satisfied with more modest means of transportation, arriving at the prom in style is still a pretty big deal. You might want to rent a stretch limousine so that you and all of your closest friends arrive together. Other teens might ask their parents to borrow their luxury cars so they can be seen getting out of an expensive ride. Know that the most popular options are going to get booked solid quick, so don’t wait until the last minute to try and secure transportation for prom night.

Getting the Perfect Prom Dress

Whether you want to buy a dress that is guaranteed to be one of a kind or you are helping your date pick out a gown that will turn heads, you have to put a lot of effort into shopping. Prom dresses should be contemporary as well as flattering to body shape. Color, style, length, and fabric are the primary details you should have worked out before you start comparing dresses. For example, the designer lace dresses by Jovani come in sizes from 00 to 24, so most teens can find a style that will fit beautifully. Fashion experts have predicted lace prom dresses to be among the most popular styles for the upcoming prom season.

Coordinating All Prom Related Accessories

Are you and your prom date planning on wearing a corsage and a boutonniere? What about your prom shoes and other accessories? Recently, prom dates have been going out of their way to match, down to hairstyle and jewelry. A group of girls going to the prom together may all want to wear patent leather heels, or get the same handbags. Guys might rent matching tuxedos in a range of colors. If accessorizing and being in sync is important to you, arrange to pick out your accessories ahead of prom night for maximum success.

On the actual night of prom, you are guaranteed to enjoy a great meal with your best friends, smile until your face feels stuck, and dance until your feet hurt. You might break a heel, spill punch on your tuxedo, have a hair malfunction, or even embarrass yourself in front of your entire school, but none of that will be a big deal. Instead, the entire event will be focused on making memories that will last. Prom occurs right before a new generation graduates from high school, earns their independence and prepares to go out into the real world. So, plan for your prom night to be organized and unique, but don’t forgot to let your hair down and let loose on what is soon to become one of the most special experiences of your entire life.

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