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March 23, 2020

Planning The Perfect Luxury Trip For All The Family

Taking a luxury holiday is an enjoyable experience, and planning can be one of the most exhilarating parts of the entire event.

However, in all of the excitement of finding the perfect destination, hotel, restaurants, and excursions, it’s easy to forget about the unique needs of everyone in your family.

Today’s families are often diverse, and all have various different requirements, which is why you need to take the time to research all the factors that will influence everyone on your holiday and help them to have a great time.
This might seem like a daunting task, but with a little bit of research and hard work, you can curate the perfect trip that suits every member of your family and allows you all to make happy memories together.

To help, here’s a guide to the factors you may need to consider when you’re planning a luxury getaway with your loved ones.


Luxury holidays are a great way to introduce children to the finer things in life, but it’s important that they’re kept safe and happy. Over recent years, luxury establishments have come to understand the importance of keeping little ones satisfied and entertained throughout their stay, so there’s now more choice than ever before when you’re searching for child-friendly luxury accommodation.

Factors to consider when choosing a luxury holiday that children and adults will enjoy include the variety of dining options available, the childcare on offer and the facilities you’ll have access to. If you’re planning on taking your child on a multi-destination adventure, you’ll probably want to make sure that every transition is smooth with limited waiting time, so that they’re not left hanging around in an unknown environment.

Older Relatives

Bringing your parents, or even grandparents, on a luxury trip is a great way to bond and spend some of your time left with them in an indulgent environment. You can make great memories with them during your trip, but you need to remember that they have unique needs, which may be significantly different from yours.

Most older travellers will probably need somewhere to rest during the day, and shelter from the sun or cold, so it’s important that you find them quality accommodation. They probably won’t be as eager to travel around as much as younger travellers, so consider finding a resort where they’ll have everything at their disposal. Older travellers will probably prefer a less-energetic holiday, so a retreat filled with pampering facilities and decedent experiences could be a perfect choice.


It’s not just human family members who can come on holiday with you; today, there are luxury resorts that will welcome dogs, cats and even horses. But if you’re planning on taking your pet on holiday with you, then it’s important that you’re prepared for everything. That means thinking about pet insurance, the likes of Everypaw offers pet insurance for cats and dogs – Sorry, not horses at the moment. And even if you have your pet cover already, it’s still wise to check that they’ll be covered while you’re away. You’ll find some pet insurance providers will only cover your pet when travelling to countries covered by the Pets Travel Scheme (PETS).

You should also contact your accommodation provider before you book to ensure that they’re comfortable taking care of your pet and can provide them with everything they need. If you’re travelling around the world with your pet, you want to be able to spend time with them doing the things you love. As such, you should research the local area you’re going to be staying in, so that you can find some experiences and excursions you can take your pet on.

Discerning Family Members

Almost every family has at least one member who is highly discerning and expects a certain level of service and support during their holiday. If your family has one such member, then you’ll need to try and find a destination where they can enjoy themselves and feel like they’re receiving the level of service they deserve.

Find a luxury accommodation provider that will offer an exceptional level of service, so that you know that they, and all the rest of your family, will receive a high standard of support throughout your stay. You should also explore the eateries on offer and ensure that there is a selection so that they can find the one that best suits their tastes.

Family Members With Health Conditions

Some members of your family might have unique healthcare needs, ranging from minor problems that require monitoring through to accessibility issues. Whatever they need, it’s important that you plan a trip that they will enjoy as much as every other member of your family.

Everything from booking an accessible hotel room to finding activities they’ll enjoy participating in can be a challenge if you’ve never had to consider it before, so the best approach is to work with them to establish exactly what they’d like from the holiday. This approach will allow you to plan a perfect trip that they can enjoy and experience to the fullest.

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