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October 30, 2018

PLAYin Choc Advent calendar

PLAYin CHOC debut their luxury kids Advent Calendar, featuring 24 fun filled drawers each containing one of 24 different 3D puzzle toys, fun facts info-card and an award winning organic dairy free chocolate.

Just in time for Christmas 2018, award-winning speciality food brand PLAYin CHOC have released their super deluxe 24 drawer Advent Calendar for the design conscious playful child.

The beautifully illustrated sleeve has a festive woodland artwork image, which when slipped off reveals 24 pull-out drawers. Each colourful drawer is derived from a PLAYin CHOC ‘kids cube’ which is the brands best-selling item. Simply pull out the drawer and inside you will get a 10g organic chocolate wrapped in home compostable film, a 3D puzzle toy made from 100% recycled board to build, 3 stencils to use afterwards for creative drawing, and a fun facts educational info-card. Did you know the world’s largest snowman stood at 37m tall, or that a hedgehog can roll into a tight ball to defend themselves with all their spines pointing outwards?

Each day re-insert your drawer backwards to reveal a new grand design on Christmas Eve. The calendar sleeve also easily reverses into a beautifully illustrated play mat which will offer hours of extra fun as your child plays with each of their new 3D puzzle toys on this festive scene.

Created by Maya Simler, mother of 2 boys, who says “I still remember the anticipation, excitement and joy I felt as a child when my parents would buy me a special treat – a chocolate with a small toy! I felt compelled to create my own take on this but with a firm focus on beautiful illustration and design, an awareness of the world around us and, of course, artisanal, fairly traded ingredients. Why not then turn my idea into an Advent Calendar to give kids 24 days of joy one after the other?”

Watch your child discover PLAYin CHOC Advent with growing delight as they build and learn about their Woodland or Festive toy, use their stencils, and enjoy their smooth and creamy organic dairy, soy, gluten free and no refined sugar chocolate.

The fully recyclable PLAYin CHOC Advent Calendar is available from PLAYin Choc, RRP £65.

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