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July 23, 2019

PLIQO Bag an ingenious traveller’s accessory

Need to look smart, but hate travelling in a suit? With a PLIQO Bag you need never travel in your suit again, no matter how light you’re packing. This clever little bag enables you to fold and pack your suit, carry it as hand luggage, and unpack it in perfect condition, ready to impress at your meeting or social event. You can fold your suit to the size of a laptop bag then unfold crease free and ready to wear.

When closed, the PLIQO bag measures only 39 cm x 30 cm x 8 cm (16 x 12 x 3 inches). The PLIQO bag stows away in every type of cabin bag or case, and many cycle panniers, backpacks, messenger bags and even briefcases – making the morning commute or evening date equally hassle free. It’s all thanks to a patent pending folding garment hanger and magnets that prevent your formalwear from creasing, even on the longest journeys.

During a little over 18 months, nearly 2,500 bags have been sold to customers in 55 countries. With over 85% of total sales made overseas, the PLIQO bag is a minor export success story.

The PLIQO bag’s designer, Patrick Tatham, created this ingenious traveller’s accessory based on his own extensive business travel experience. “I want to be relaxed and comfortable when I’m on the move, not worrying that I will appear in a crumpled suit at the start of my meetings. The PLIQO bag is the solution. And that’s why we call it ‘the smartest garment bag in the world’.”

For more information visit our website: PLIQO Bag

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