Polaroid Originals reveals the OneStep+

December 18, 2018

This is an analogue instant camera with an integrated smartphone app.

The brand’s new instant camera offers more ways to play with analogue in- stant photography, unlocking a world of creative tools and techniques with a Bluetooth-connected smartphone app.

In 2017, Polaroid marked its 80th anniversary by returning to original format analogue instant photography with the launch of Polaroid Originals and the unveiling of the Polaroid OneStep 2 camera. Now, Polaroid Originals offers more ways to explore, create and play with the release of its new camera, the Polaroid OneStep+.

The Polaroid OneStep+ is a natural evolution of the OneStep 2, introducing new features to the camera’s nostalgic design to bring more creative potential to instant photography. First up, a new portrait lens com- plements the camera’s standard lens, allowing users to to shoot from as close as 1 foot away, creating per- fect close-up portraits and truly capturing their subject’s character.

The OneStep+ also connects via Bluetooth to the new Polaroid Originals smartphone app. Intuitively de- signed and easy to use, the Polaroid Originals app unlocks 7 new ways to explore analogue instant photo- graphy for casual and committed photographers alike:

Double Exposure

Capture two photos in a single frame and create surreal, expressive compositions. Light Painting: Turn a light source into your paintbrush, draw pictures in the air and capture them in the iconic Polaroid picture frame.

Self Timer

Create perfectly-timed photographs with up to a 25-second countdown.

Remote Trigger

Place the trigger button in the palm of your hand and never miss a group photo again. Noise Trigger: Trigger the shutter at the clap of your hands, the splash of a pool or the bark of a dog to create dynamic action shots.

Manual Mode

Fine-tune your camera’s settings and master your craft by taking full control over aperture, shutter speed, flash intensity and photo ejection.


Specially designed for Polaroid pictures, the app’s scanner intuitively identifies your photos, cor- rects glare, adjusts and crops them, so now you can share your pictures as instantly as you took them.

True to its premium positioning, the OneStep+ is rendered in a slick black colourway, and the addition of a new rainbow stripe on the camera’s faceplate pays homage to the iconic design of the original OneStep camera from 1977, closing the circle from past to present.

The OneStep+ is a camera that the nostalgic charm of analogue while embracing the creative opportunities that the digital world has to offer. The result is an analogue instant camera that empowers photographers of all skill levels to step out into the world, explore, discover, and have fun.

The OneStep+. More ways to play.

RRP £149.99

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