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June 17, 2020

Pretty in Pink – The STARLINO Rosé Spritz is the new drink of the summer

STARLINO Rosé is a delightful and refreshing Italian Aperitivo, produced in North-Eastern Italy at Torino Distillati in Piedmont. The all-natural STARLINO Rosé is made by blending Rosé wine, spirit, pink grapefruit peel, orange peel and 8 other botanicals including Wormwood and Coriander. Best enjoyed as a Spritz, STARLINO Rosé is the new drink of the summer and the perfect way to enjoy soaking up the sun.

Traditionally the spritz is served as an Aperitivo which is the Italian version of happy hour from 5 – 7 pm. A very important tradition for Italians and always served with small snacks alongside such as olives, breadsticks and crisps.

The recommended ratios for a STARLINO Rosé Spritz are 1:1:1, but quantities can be adjusted to taste. You can see the full recipe along with a video showing how to make a delicious STARLINO Rosé Spritz below:

STARLINO Rosé Spritz

Add ice to a long stem glass followed by 1 Part STARLINO Rosé. Top up with 1 Part Sparkling Wine and 1 Part Soda and garnish with a slice of grapefruit.

STARLINO Rosé is available from Amazon and Master of Malt

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