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June 7, 2022

Private Plates: The influencers behind the trend!

Seeing cars with personalised number plates used to be a rare sight. Today, not so much. Personalised number plates continue to increase in popularity as more and more people choose to pay the money for a number plate that’ll make them stand out on the roads.

Online search interest in buying and selling these unique license plates has increased by 58% since 2018. And according to the DVLA’s figures, the amount of money spent on personalised number plates has increased substantially every year between 2014-2018. And there are no signs of this trend slowing. But why are more and more people, not just the wealthy as was the case in the past, spending vast amounts of money on personalised number plates?

Celebrity influencers

We live in a celebrity-endorsed culture. Anyone famous, from actors to cricketers to social media stars in recent years can be seen and heard at all hours of the day. Television advertisements, internet videos, magazines and virtually watching their lives through social media are the norm. Celebrities today have a huge influence on the public and the culture at large. This makes it unsurprising to learn that celebrities are partly behind the private plates trend.

It’s become quite the norm now that celebrities own private plates on their expensive cars. There are several reasons for this. But one of the major reasons why so many celebrities are getting in on buying up personalised plates is to express their individuality and continue to endorse themselves.

Sports figures such as David Beckham, Tyson Fury and Harry McGuire have spent a lot of money on personalised plates for themselves. Famous business people like James Caan from Dragon’s Den proudly display their private number plates. And even those in the popular arts such as Harry Styles are in on the game. Seeing as so many celebrities and cultural icons from so many areas have revealed that they own personalised plates, it’s no these influencers hold sway over other car owners.

Some of the influencers behind the trend

As we’ve already discussed, celebrities in all spheres have a massive cultural influence. What they’re seen to be doing is often mimicked by fans and members of the general public. And with the magnitude of influence, some celebrities have today, with film, television, podcasts and perhaps most powerfully today social media, it’s no wonder they have such huge outreach.

David Beckham, arguably the most famous football face of all time has one of his cars’ number plates stamped with ‘D7 DVB’. D for David and 7 his iconic shirt number.

Tyson Fury, one of the most successful and talked about boxers today, whose influence is worldwide, has one of his impressive vehicles marked ‘1 TLF’ on the number plate. Private number plates with the number 1, especially at the beginning, at incredibly valuable. The reasons are obvious: everyone wants to be number one.

And Denise Van Outen, actress and one of the faces of the popular TV show Strictly Come Dancing rolls in a car with a private plat that begins with ‘OUT’ for Outen.

Why do celebrities buy private plates?

Celebrities payout for private plates not only to show their individual personalities. Actors, musicians, business moguls and influencers in every sphere buy into personalised plates for several smart reasons.

Perhaps the most obvious reason is that personalised plates can be part of self-promotion or self-branding. The fact that a celebrity has influence over culture and people adds to the worth of their car as soon as they slap a private plate on it. But it’s also smart marketing. Unique number plates that spell or abbreviate their names, brand names or business names can impact and hold sway on their marketing efforts. This bolsters their brand and makes them more money in the long run.

Another more tangible reason celebrities shell out for personalised plates is for the investment opportunities. The more unique a car’s number plate, the more it’s worth. Private plates that include names, significant numbers or initials hold significance and therefore can be highly valuable.

In fact, as more personalised number plates are bought out, the more they’re worth. Celebrities know that they’re able to pay for some of the most exclusive and sought after number plates. And they know that in time the money they invested into these special plates will likely be worth more than they bought them for.

In conclusion

According to the numbers, people from every walk of life continue to buy personalised number plates. And the trend shows no sign of slowing down.

Whether it’s to bolster their brand image or to invest in their future, celebrity culture and their liking for personalised plates are infecting the culture at large. Unique number plates with names, initials and special dates can be seen on the road every day today. And so long as top name influencers continue to buy private plates, so will everyone else.

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