ReyRey Luxury Shoes, Pioneering the fashion Industry, Ethically

March 9, 2018

ReyRey is a Copenhagen-based high end exclusive luxury footwear brand manufactured in Italy by factories with a long legacy of shoe artisans. The brand is established by Rey Abadi after a lifelong passion for shoes. Rey’s mission behind the brand is more than creating beautiful and luxurious shoes. The brand aims to be a pioneer in the fashion industry with a strong purpose and “why” culture and the importance of knowing why we do what we do.

ReyRey is not only a shoe brand it’s also a movement with an innovative manifesto that aims to go against the modern consumerism culture with its strategic vision for sustainability, sustainable fashion and reusing resources.

ReyRey is a high-end luxury and sustainable footwear brand which was created by a complete analysis that concluded that women only need eight pairs of shoes where the design is long term, timeless, durable and can be used in countless combinations.

A capsule wardrobe is a collection of a few essential items that never goes out of fashion, such as pumps, boots and stilettos, which can then be augmented with seasonal pieces. The Capsule Collection comes to terms with ”fast fashion” and transient trends that tend to lead us astray. The most common mistake women make when shopping is to buy on trend, rather than sticking to classic and timeless pieces which can be used season after season. ReyRey’s capsule collection is a high end exclusive luxury brand for women who always want to look and feel stylish whatever the season.

ReyRey’s eight shoe styles is a rethinking of classic design with an innovative twist of Scandinavian simplicity combined with Italian craftsmanship.

The collection consists of seven different styles and one joker. The styles will remain the same every season but will vary in the design, type of leather, material, colour, heel height and other alterations due to season trends. This minimalistic approach created The Capsule Collection which includes:
The Pump, The Brogue, The Wedge, The Boot, The Stiletto, The Flat, The Sandal and The Joker.

ReyRey is not only a shoe brand – it is a movement with an innovative manifesto that aims to go against the modern consumerism culture with its strategic vision for sustainability and sustainable fashion. Including a strategic business model in terms of sustainability and sustainable fashion all phases and processes by building a ReyRey shoes is worked sustainably. This is not only applicable to the use of materials where only sustainable materials from suppliers who are certified but also, on the efficiency of production and workflow and value chain optimisation with minimum wastage. With a sustainable business model takes into account all essential aspects of sustainability, including environmental, social and economic variables, all of which are part of the ReyRey DNA.

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