Salon 64 Soho – The Game Changer Disrupting the Hairdressing Industry!

October 3, 2018

How exciting it is to discover something new, fresh, innovative and disruptive!  It’s so easy to follow rules but wonderful to find a brand which challenges the status quo!  Salon64 is just that, cutting edge in the heart of vibrant Soho, London.

Meet Ricky Walters the founder of Salon 64

The vision of Salon 64 was the brainchild of London born entrepreneur, Ricky Walters who is still only 27 years old!  He has taken the industry by storm by creating a salon with a difference – a social hub and a high end destination.

Salon64 is the place to be pampered, to relax in and also engage in some perfect conversation, over a (Salon 64 branded) coffee which happens to be a unique partnership with eco-friendly London coffee brand Vagabond.  You can also of course indulge in a glass of champagne should the mood take you!

Ricky has worked at the cream of five star hotels, so knows only too well what it takes to deliver first class service.  Having styled celebrities in Hollywood such as Sandra Bullock and Arnold Schwarzenegger, alongside many other clients in music, TV and film, this only proves as a further testimony to his first class service.  From Hollywood film premieres to the GQ Grooming Awards, BAFTAS to the BRITS, Ricky is vibrant with new innovative ideas which are simply disrupting the hairdressing industry.

Welcome to Salon 64

Salon 64 hairdressing salon offers a business and make-up station, coffee hub and champagne bar, along with waiter service so you can be served at your hair and make-up station for a relaxed and personalised experience.

With a members club feel, it’s the perfect place to unwind before a great night out or to gather with friends and get pampered and have a great time at.  A home from home if you will.  Designed by award-winning architects JaK Studio together with Ricky they have created a master piece.

The salon is set over two floors and wait for it….there is a personalised makeup unit that has to be seen to be believed.  Hidden inside a smooth marble unit is a jewellery box style layout, a large mirror to apply and reapply your makeup or smooth on some of the finest scents, complete with phone charging docks and a place to rest your well filled Champagne glass or refreshments!  What is not to love?!  For all coffee *addicts (*connoisseurs!), you can fund your habit to both caffeine and looking good by joining the Salon 64 coffee club!  For every 20 cups of coffee bought from Salon 64, you get a free blow dry.

The decor most definitely has the wow factor. Hammered brass surrounds the stairs and the champagne bar, while the personalised booths are perfectly placed around the statement fire pits which are luxurious, inviting and modern.  For a truly relaxing Salon 64 experience, clients can control their lighting by using a dimmer switch in the unit.

The salon has many secret spaces such as the hidden wash areas which are set behind wooden doors to aid a relaxing and more private experience.  There’s also a nail bar on the second floor, as well as ‘The Private Vault’ a deluxe private room for guests where hair styling and beauty services are offered away from the high energy main space, a luxurious treatment chair to treated like the Kings and Queens you are.


Salon 64 understands the importance of sustainability, so uses the high-end Italian brand ‘ Davines’ who is eco-friendly for its styling and colouring.

My Salon64 Experience

The moment I walked into Salon64 I knew I was in for a treat.  The decor luxurious, chic yet unassuming. The mood was inviting and relaxing with a air of sophistication.  The background music was perfect to unwind but yet get in you in the mood for a night out. I was greeted by front of house, coat taken and guided to my personal make up work station. I must admit I felt like I was opening a treasure chest of delights whilst opening the unit – like an inquisitive child dying to explore.  I was politely asked what I would like to drink and offered the magic word, Champagne!  I gladly accepted.  I placed the champagne flute into the allocated space in the unit and waited for my stylist.  To my delight, my blow was with Innovator and founder of Salon 64 Ricky Walters.  Ricky is a charming eclectic individual, he took me for a guided tour of his game changing salon, very impressive indeed and shared his story – inspired.  I was taken to the secret hideaway in bright white to have my hair washed, the water was just right and my hair was cleaned perfectly.  I was guided back to my unit to wait for Ricky to return.  The Salon 64 blow dry was brilliant – full of body and light with movement.  Looking and feeling like a million dollars I went out for a night on the town.  I guess that’s the Salon 64 effect!!

Be on the hottest guest list in Soho – Salon64, who have changed the hairdressing industry, continuously pushing boundaries.  For your next salon experience make the destination Salon 64.

Written by Luxuria Lifestyle UK’s Rene Byrd

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