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September 23, 2020

Sandbox Beach Club – A slice of urban paradise on the Atlantic Coast

There’s a new spark that has stimulated quite a buzz in the heart of Accra, and we just can’t seem to get enough of it. If you love the serenity in the breeze that comes with the Atlantic Ocean from the Labadi Beach coastline, the Sandbox Beach Club is the perfect place to be. Harnessing the energy and beauty of the rolling waves and vast expanse of the Ocean, the Sandbox Beach Club has engineered an ambience that has quickly won the hearts of fun-loving enthusiasts and even the shy and conservative at heart.

This state-of-the-art Beach Club surprisingly gives off a beach resort vibe in the very busy South Labadi Estates, and with plans to expand into a Hotel and Lodging facility, it could soon become the ultimate all-inclusive resort in Accra. A beach club guarantees comfort and convenience; a luxurious urban environment where guests can relax and take the edge off while enjoying a range of first-class services at their disposal. With the setting and clever architecture at the Sandbox Beach Club, you will experience all that and more.

The main open area is very spacious and not too crowded, giving guests access to lots of sea breeze and a stunning view of the ocean. And If you are a gourmet or a food enthusiast, the Ghanaian /African and French – Mediterranean cuisines have an array of culinary delights that guarantee a 5-star dining experience from starter to dessert.

The infinity pool area, complemented with amazing cabanas, is deeply relaxing and has quickly emerged as a popular favourite; a great place for family hangouts or a get-together with friends. The vibrant music playlist will take you on a whimsical journey full of fun memories and exuberant dance moves; and though the place is ‘submersed’ in sound, with speakers creatively incorporated into various spaces, the volume of the music is just perfect, not too loud to interrupt hearty conversations.

With weekly brunch day parties, beachfront massages, VIP memberships and designer personal lockers, beach access, music and dance (international acts, live band, karaoke, disco music and jazz) and art events, the Sandbox Beach Club guarantees a refreshing blend of fun and entertainment.

W: Sandbox Beach Club
E: Christian
T: +233 (0) 596914712

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Written by Ameyaw Debrah and Annie-Flora Mills for Luxuria Lifestyle Ghana

Instagram / #Luxurialife