Seventy Thirty provides a global matchmaking service and has thousands of members all over the world

March 6, 2019

Seventy Thirty is an exclusive matchmaking and coaching organisation for very successful, highly-educated and wealthy individuals who are seeking an exceptional life partner.  Our unique approach of employing psychologists to ensure accurate matchmaking, has resulted in an extremely high success rate with nine out of ten members forming a long-term relationship.  Our members are exceptional, high-calibre and affluent individuals who are carefully considered for the qualities, values and traits that align with our membership base.  We then introduce them to the right people based on multiple different areas such as background, lifestyle, values, temperament and relationship goals so that the introduction has a significant chance of blossoming into a long-term relationship.  Most of our members are recommended by people who have found their perfect partner by using our services.

Seventy Thirty provides a global service and has thousands of members all over the world from a significant number of locations and nationalities.  We ensure we maintain an equal split between men and women and also have a significant gay membership base.   As a long-established agency we have members of every age with people joining in their twenties and our oldest members in their eighties.  Our members are highly educated people who have created phenomenal success in their lives and are seeking someone equally exceptional with whom to build a long-term relationship.

We are the first and therefore longest established psychology-based matchmaking company and consequently have a wealth of experience, understanding and expertise. What makes us unique is that we employ a team of highly-educated and experienced psychologists and use a psychological model to match our members, so our approach is both scientific and instinctual due to the flair and skill we have developed through the years.  The service is highly personalised with an emphasis on truly getting to know and understand our members so that we have the insight and knowledge for success.

There is a myth in the dating world that successful match-making relies on aligning demographics, interests and life-goals.  While all these are important, for a relationship to last long-term there are numerous other crucial areas to consider.  One of the most important of these areas is values. A couple can have a powerful chemistry but if their values are not in accord the relationship will falter at an early stage. However, although we use a rigorous psychological model, it is the combination of this with the instinct and experience developed by the team that really leads to our incredible level of success in creating truly compatible relationships.

Our service has no online component and relies entirely on the psychological knowledge and the experience and insight of our psychologists to put together successful matches.  However, we have refined the way we work throughout the years as we consult the literature regarding successful relationships and conduct our own research into what creates and maintains the best relationships.

Most of our members would not consider online dating services as they are high profile people who value discretion and expect a top level of service in matchmaking as they do in all other aspects of their lives.  Of the members who have tried online dating, many report that it is time-consuming and frustrating and so, just as they would engage top professionals for other areas, they entrust their romantic lives to our expertise.  Our members also the value the trusting relationships they have with our Specialist Matchmakers, seeing them as a personalised source of wisdom and support which is a further reason why we get so many referrals from people who have successfully used our service.

Studies show that successful people in any field begin with extensive knowledge-building and practice, but develop over time to form an instinctual ability to make sound judgements, and this is something that is definitely evident in our field. One of the most interesting observations we have made for years is how we can intricately align members on a significant numbers of areas of their lives, but these are not always the matches that blossom into long-term love. Often it will be 75% alignment with 25% of our instincts based on psychological wisdom and expertise that really create the best relationships. That is why we need the genius that comes with years of extensive work, research and experience alongside the scientific psychological research-based methods we employ.

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