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May 20, 2020

Sheila Westera London jewellery inspired by nature and fine structures

Sheila Westera creates unique, one-of-a-kind jewellery for those who dare to wear. After having worked with high-end diamonds and pearls in the fine jewellery industry for many years, Sheila decided it was time to create a different kind of jewellery that would just fit her taste. Influenced by her background in History of Art & Architecture and with her love for unique things, she started developing her own techniques years ago in London, where she lived since the millennium. Her self-invented techniques were inspired by nature and fine structures, resulting in unique ways to set a stone into her distinctive statement jewellery. Sheila currently creates her jewellery in the Swiss Alps, where she happily resides in nature while visiting London as often as she can.

Every piece made by Sheila revolves around its specific stone (ranging from a Tahiti pearl to a raw chunk of pyrite) and its setting in wire, creating jewels that are sometimes highly glamorous and sometimes a lot more edgy — a reflection of her own personality. Her self-invented techniques enable her to create her own shapes, forms, and structures in her unique designs. She works in 18 krt gold on assignment, and makes most of her pieces in either sterling silver or in 14k gold-filled, as these materials allow her the luxury of changing her jewellery more often. Each and every ring that she makes is a true one-of-a-kind statement piece, created with Sheila’s own hand-picked collection of stones, pearls, and other finds, that she has collected over the years. None of her pieces are designed beforehand, as she organically creates a jewel inspired by her own flow and mood of the day.

Sheila has always loved beautiful things, but only the different and the original: she is always seeking that thrilling element that makes something more exceptional. With her personal view on art, she is drawn to the idea that you have to find the deeper layers that an artist brings into an artwork and almost feel the person behind the work. An artist hardly replicates themselves completely, something that she missed in the traditional fine jewellery, where the value of the stone is the most important matter and the jewellery is made to fit everyone’s taste. All of this brought her to create her own wearable artworks.

Very soon after creating her first rings, they attracted the immediate interest of her circle of friends in London, who spread the word to some amazing people from places all around the world. Before she realised it, strangers would stop her clients on the streets and at parties, asking them about their jewellery… that’s how she came up with the name for her collection of cocktail rings: Conversation Pieces.

Sheila has developed her techniques over the past years, and she has added many more designs to her original ideas, carefully choosing the right way to set every individual stone she works with. Her original settings are called “Embrace”, “Possessions”, and “Conscious”, with which she sculptures her jewels. Embrace creates an elegant and more minimal feel with a layered nest of wire, which is soft and graceful. Possessions is Sheila’s artistic interpretation of the structure of torn lace, expressed in wire. Conscious has a unique pattern that is Sheila’s take on textiles created with weaving looms, while adding her own raw touch to it. Next to working with these original settings, she also started experimenting with sculptural shapes, and with ways to set multiple stones in one cocktail ring: like the large stone cocktail ring “London Essence” that features a prominent piece of raw labradorite surrounded by almost hidden sweet water pearls, or “Keep It Up!” with her high and colourful elaborately woven shape that reaches up to 3 inches in height, with an abundance of spiky lemon quartz woven into the wire… She also creates more subdued cocktail rings, like “Purple Heart”, set with a deep faceted amethyst or “Wonderful” with that perfect Lapis lazuli, both made in a a style that is a lot more elegant, very wearable and quite chique, but very special. Sheila is a versatile jewellery artist, who makes rings and jewels in many different styles and designs, putting a piece of her soul into every single one of them, and always finding the right person for each ring.

The ring being reviewed is called “Kristalle”, one of Sheila’s one-of-a-kind cocktail rings from the more pure stone Conversation Pieces collection. She is made with 14k yellow gold-filled material, gently wrapped around a triangular faceted large rock crystal creating a soft-to-the-touch overall feel. The beautiful geometric shape of the stone makes for a super elegant and cool statement ring that is hard to ignore! Rock crystal has an edgy vibe to it, and its pureness will fill you with positive energy. The graceful setting seen in ring “Kristalle” makes for a noteworthy and distinctive cocktail ring.

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