Skinade a collagen drink to rehydrate and improve skin radiance

August 20, 2018

Skinned is the UK’s leading liquid collagen drink has helped define a new way to look after your skin — from the inside out. Focusing its effort on increasing awareness around the benefits that liquid supplementation can have on general skin health, the message is simple: we must look beyond classic skincare treatments for the best results. Leading medical professionals believe that bright, luminous, healthy skin can be achieved by everyone — just by making some simple lifestyle changes.

Understanding the complexities of how our skin works and more importantly, how external and internal factors affect the ageing process is at the heart of Skinade. Sleep, stress, exercise and hydration all affect the appearance of our skin and the biggest culprits are the sun, pollution and smoking. All these factors disrupt the natural functioning of the skin through complex processes, which then cause breakdown of key structural components of the skin. Taking a more comprehensive approach to skin by working from the ‘outside in’ and the ‘inside out’ will minimise damage, creating the foundations for a radiant complexion long-term.

So how does it work?

Skinade is carefully formulated with the optimum ratio of liquid to active ingredients and contains key nutrients that are essential in the healthy production of collagen and the optimisation of skin health.

Skinned increases collagen in the bloodstream by adding 7000mg of hydrolysed marine collagen from each bottle (daily dose), to help triggers the body’s own collagen production by firing up the fibroblasts, our own collagen factories. Increasing collagen in the bloodstream also increases the body’s production of hyaluronic acid, responsible for optimising skin hydration. With no artificial colouring and naturally flavoured with refreshing peach and mangosteen, Skinade is the perfect partner to your daily skincare routine.

Why it is a drink?

It is scientifically proven that liquids are much more readily absorbed than solids. The body does not need hours to break down the solid consistency of a tablet or pill and a drink will be absorbed immediately. The ingredients in Skinade are quickly absorbed and make use of all the key nutrients.

Skinned was developed by UK scientists and is manufactured in Britain using only the best ingredients on the market. We recommend taking Skinade on a daily basis for 90 days to see the optimum benefits. These include:

Increased skin hydration and radiance
Reduction in fine lines & wrinkles
Increased skin suppleness
Healthier looking hair and nails

Dr. Benji Dhillon, Phi Clinic Harley Street adds, ‘One of the most interesting supplements available at present is Skinade, a drink which contains peptides which have been proven to stimulate the cells in our skin, fibroblasts, that generate collagen. It’s this kickstarter that increases the amount of collagen in our skin and helps improve our skin’s appearance. An increase in the thickness of the skin has been demonstrated after two months of taking Skinned.‘

Skinade is sold in courses of 150ml bottle 30 (£105), 60 (£210) and 90 (£315) days and is also available in a 15ml travel sachet that you simply dilute in water.

Skinade is sold in professional distribution and is currently available in 1,000 stockists nationwide as well as on the website.

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