SmartBatz – Power, movement, experience: an open window for innovation through Smartphone

February 7, 2018

We live in a connected world. Human use the Smartphone for being connected everywhere, anytime and have an endless access to Knowledge and information. There are 5 billion phones in the world. One day, all these phones will be Smartphones.

The phone, with Smart devices are becoming life remote controls. We live with the Smartphone, we should be able to recharge it without constraint, as soon as we need it while maintaining our mobility. SmartBatz has created a global brand able to charge what you use the most throughout your day: your Smartphone.

Our international innovative technology company is aiming to create a new way of living by specializing in high end wireless charging solution for mobile phones. Our mission: create the largest battery network for Smartphone on demand, in public and private places:

SmartBatz is pioneer in its field, the first business of providing battery, not only at hotels, shopping malls, museum, cinema but also taxi, metro, bus, train, planes.

It’s the ultimate battery provider which aim to provide energy everywhere and simplify the way we charge. A related system to charge your devices and unplug from the wall at home, at work and outside. A cross road between lifestyle and logistics:

We make people experience a life always charged. By providing energy everywhere, every time, we put an end to the battery issue. SmartBatz makes people’s life easier. Our aim is people serenity.

What did SmartBatz bring to the world?

Save time, no cables, freedom. SmartBatz offers fast charge without external devices, without cables.

SmartBatz is a three-year-old startup created, and has already caught the eyes of the trendiest venues in Paris and London such as “Shangri-La Paris”, “The Berkeley London”, The “Hotel de Crillon”, le “Matignon” and many others.

As technology reshapes the entire guest experience, SmartBatz provides venues with a new “hands-free” comfort for their guests, responding to an unavoidable need while saving in purchasing adapters & charging cables. Their passion for detail is at client’s service with a unique charging experience, a serene customer experience, and the promise of memorable moments.

Efficiency, Elegance and Comfort

SmartBatz keep elegance inside their DNA, an all-black white-labeled charging system designed to blend perfectly with prestigious restaurants and hotels.

Prestigious venues are on board with our technology and offer a wireless charging service to meet the daily demands of their guests. At the Matignon, we just had to offer them this alternative, other than charging their phone next to a plug. When we hand them a Smartbatz, clients are surprised to see a design charger, that fits perfectly with their phone. The product is almost entirely integrated to their phone, it is very ergonomic and handy.

Since 2017, SmartBatz go to every major city in the world, and roll out an efficient, convenient and elegant charging system. By this way, they simplify people’s lives.

To simplify people’s lives and expand their opportunities, we’ve developed a beautiful object with an elegant design that we want to make available for all.  SmartBatz is not only a charging system, it’s also a way of thinking. It’s compatible for all smartphones and it creates a brand-new lifestyle.

SmartBatz connects emotionally: creating a relationship between users and product, between users and loyalty to the hotspot. Imagine the world in your hand, a 24-lighted world. The store could be open 24/7, everyone is free to get in or out whenever they want.

Because, we want it to be free, we want to increase your options: 1% can be a call, even a click and save a life. It can help you meet someone, find food, find anything you want.

Today, SmartBatz breaks into a new market: Start Up and big companies. An intuitive charging solution able to boost employee efficiency in all circumstances.

Power, movement, experience: an open window for innovation through Smartphone.

SmartBatz have built an elegant charging system, easy to use, easy to manage and extremely resistant.

We create an open society where you can charge everywhere, every time. Live Now in the Future.

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