Smeidi, Jewellery to instantly fall in love with

July 8, 2018

“The Little Things That Make Something Special”… this is what Smeidi was originally founded to be back in 2011. Pieces that captivate your attention and make your heart do a happy dance when you lay eyes on them. Jewellery that you not only want, but instantly fall in love with…

All of Smeidi’s designs are produced in Hatton Garden, and they’re designs you won’t see anywhere else. The Essencia collection in particular features a uniquely designed blood cell charm on every piece to honour the NATSIRT fund, a charity working to eradicate blood cancer and support those affected. Every piece sold from the beautiful Essencia collection donates 25% of its profits directly to the fund.

Amazingly, researchers get closer every day to finding a cure for blood cancer, and they reckon that a cure is possible with the right amount of funding. This is why Smeidi works so closely with NATSIRT, but the fight isn’t over yet. In the meantime, while working towards a cure, they want to support not only the patients, but their children, families, and friends – whether that’s by helping to find transportation to and from treatments, putting a child through schooling, or anything else that may be needed. By purchasing an Essencia piece, you are helping to reach this goal.

This sterling silver collection is loved by men and women alike, featuring earrings, bracelets, and cufflinks. Pieces can be customised with different gold or ruthenium plates and different semi-precious stones based on customer preference. Please note, however, that because these special pieces are handmade to order, they can take four to six weeks delivery.

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