Square Flower believe in the power of stronger communities while producing fairtrade organic bedding

March 4, 2019

Square Flower bedding specialists are of a different ilk, organic and fair-trade being the most important part of this business.

As I unpacked my gifted Kingsize pure white bedding I could tell without even sleeping on this soft luxurious cotton that bedtime was going to be a more sumptuous affair.

We all love clean sweet smelling freshly laundered sheets, don’t we? But coupled with the ethical ethos of this company and with the fact that this linen is easy to care for, washes well and irons beautifully, always looks fresh and gives that ‘ boutique hotel’ look means it satisfies nearly all of the senses. This gorgeous linen on my soft plump duck down duvet is more than inviting, it harmoniously creates a little haven of indulgence.  Languishing in  cotton sourced ethically from the farms in India aids a more sound sleep. The pillow slips and duvet covers fit perfectly and the fitted base sheets are deeper than usual, this ensures they stay in place.

The product range includes duvet sets in sizes from double to super king, as well as fitted sheets, pillowcases and throws.

Square Flower is a luxury 100% organic Fairtrade cotton bedding company. Founded by Ben Franklin the company is different from others in its field in that they have taken control of sourcing the cotton and building their own supply chain, removing all the middlemen, and dealing with the actual farms. They found an organic cotton collective in India called Chetna Organic, that works with thousands of family plots of just a few acres each and they produce incredibly high quality organic cotton. Ben decided to set up the company having gone to buy new bedding and discovering that there is very little guidance on how to choose the best, and that whilst the default indicator that everyone turns to is thread count, this is largely a marketing gimmick, as a very high thread counts often indicate poor quality cotton.

The main factor is actually the length of the staple. A longer staple means the fibres are longer and stronger, and so can be spun into long, very fine yarns that produce a smoother, softer feeling fabric that you can enjoy for many years. Short fibres mean a less durable, weaker, coarser fabric, with more exposed ends. The quality of the underlying cotton is the most important feature of any cotton bedding. Using long staple cotton means Square Flower can spin it into the finest yarns, which product the highest quality sheets. Fine yarns mean we produce strong but incredibly soft and breathable fabrics. Square Flower’s fabric is made using only very fine 60s and 80s single ply yarn ensuring it is a more breathable, supple fabric. By combining organic cotton and a sateen weave (sateen is a 4 over and 1 under weave which maximises the surface area and gives it a subtle sheen and lustre) their bedlinen offers a soft buttery feel that is perfect for year round comfort.

In addition to being 100% organic and ethically sourced, Square Flower’s products are guaranteed to be soft and they offer a 30 night trial whereby you can return the bedlinen if you aren’t happy with it. Their colour palette is sophisticated (white, blush, navy, raw – undyed, light grey, taupe grey) as our their designs, much thought has been put into these ensuring things such as the flap on the pillowcase is large enough to allow the pillow to sit nicely inside it, and their oxford pillowcases have a much narrower boarder to create more a more relaxed contemporary look. Their fitted sheets have extra deep elasticated pockets to ensure that they fit any mattress and don’t move once on.

The product range includes duvet sets in sizes from double to super king, as well as fitted sheets, pillowcases and throws.

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