Step into the glamorous American inspired POTUS restaurant and Bar

December 21, 2018

Taking up residence at the plush Crowne Plaza London – Albert Embankment, this elegant, yet relaxed and bar and restaurant is bringing a taste of the USA to the ultimate riverside destination. POTUS is in good company; adjacent is the new US Embassy’s headquarters.

P.O.T.U.S began as an abbreviation used by telegraph operators in the 1890’s, it stands for President of the United States. The restaurant POTUS truly believes the best connection between people always happens around a table with food and drinks.

POTUS offers a range of cocktails inspired by former US presidents you can sip on the favoured cocktails of the country’s greatest leaders of the free world, from a Mojito paying homage to Teddy Roosevelt to JFK’s go-to-the Bloody Mary. Pablo Peñalosa Najera, former executive chef at Latin American restaurant MNKY HSE in Mayfair, is tasked with the job to look after the POTUS bar and restaurant. Pablo Najera is committed to using sustainable supplies wherever possible, with the very best seasonal ingredients. Included within the menu are many of Pablo’s favourite dishes, with very familiar sounding names. Some of the recipes have been passed down or discovered whilst travelling, and all have been perfected from personal experience and expertise in the kitchen.

POTUS also serves up the most amazing mouth-watering selection of dishes. Delighted guests can savour US-inspired dishes, San Francisco Cioppino; spiced lobster broth, sea bream, scallop and clams; whole lobster mac & cheese; macaroni pie, parmesan cheese cream sauce and a for the real steak lovers and grilled to perfection, chimichurri cowboy steak with country side potatoes. The POTUS menu will change seasonally to incorporate dishes from across America, including classic from “Big Easy” New Orleans dessert, bananas foster.

My POTUS restaurant and Bar experience

POTUS is set within the beautiful Crown Plaza London – Albert Embankment and the moment you walk in you are captivated by its elegance and luxurious décor. POTUS bar area has polished floors, a beautiful grand oval shaped bar with a cut glass top, packed to the brim with bottles of all shapes and sizes, ready to be shaken and stirred. Beyond the bar is a stylish waterfall feature embedded within the walls, tranquil and hypnotic.

We were guided by our waiter to another seated area; we were marvelled by the black and white pictures depicting the nobility and ladies of time. The mahogany wood polished floor provides a sense of calm and a connection with nature. The air was filled with chilled Jazz music reminiscent of the New York Jazz bar scene. The luxurious leather chairs and low lighting,  created an intimate,  yet radiant atmosphere. The magnificent and luxurious gold drop chandelier perfectly placed in the centre of the room, was stunning but non-intrusive. It was a cold night, so it was so welcoming to feel the warmth that radiated from an open glass fireplace enclosed in a copper grill case, the mood was truly set.

The host assisted me with the choices on the American-themed menu explaining them all in detail. The waiter didn’t waste a moment and brought us a chilled glass of their finest prosecco. The waiter opened our appetite and served the most delicious seeded and plain warm bread, we were struck by the delightful flavour of the butter, it was delicious. The appetizer choice was BBQ pork belly; Bromley apple sauce, bourbon caramelised apples, it literally melted in our mouths so delicious, Fried soft shell crab; POTUS’ buffalo sauce, buttermilk blue cheese dressing, flavoursome and appetising. The main choices were; Roasted rack of lamb, wild mushroom grits, toasted hazelnut, lamb jus, OMG it was heavenly cooked to perfection. Cajun chicken; Potus’ dry Cajun rub, sweet potato puree, baby onions and jus gras. The side choices were; tender stem broccoli, sweet potato mash and crispy baked zucchini fries.

The silence around the table was a clear indication of how much were enjoying the experience; every single dish was very tasty. The desserts- the chef had already impressed us with the appetizer and bowled us over with the mains but the desserts blew us away! We chose NY baked cheesecake; fresh raspberries, eggnog ice cream, beautifully presented and sent my taste buds on a high. Bananas Foster; banana sponge caramelized in rum and brown sugar, crumble, coconut ice cream, total heaven.

We asked to send our compliments to the Chef Pablo Peñalosa Najera, we told him the whole dining experience was 100% impressive. We had such a great night, impeccable service, great ambience, jazz entertainment and lastly the most impressive serving of food. To end the night they put together the most amazing signature cocktail…you guessed it fit for the P.O.T.U.S we both felt we had been treated like POTUS.

This is definitely worth a visit; it will be without question an all American experience that will leave a positive memorable mark.


Written by Rene Byrd for Luxuria Lifestyle International


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