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October 3, 2019

Stork Restaurant in Mayfair Takes fusion dining to a new level

Stork is an instagramers dream, the outside is stunning, the fascia is surrounded with glamorous white feathered angel wings, flowers,  a huge white Wisteria tree and a strange but clever stork in an egg. First impressions were this was going to be a fabulous restaurant. Inside the decor was equally gorgeous, soft red velvet cushions with shades of gold to create a luxurious ambience, bird-like light fittings and a wall full of ‘eggs’ creating a luxurious ambience. Stork looks small but can actually cater for up to 120 covers and private dining is an option.

The Stork offers seasonal menus passionately and expertly created using the owner and chef’s culinary desires to create a menu for London’s more discerning diners and gastronomes.

Ambitiously pioneered by dynamic young couple, Michael Adjovi Kalu and Nadina Grigoras and consulted by the virtuoso chef Adebola Adeshina whose CV comprises of six years with Gordon Ramsay at Aubergine and Royal Hospital Road as well as at Petrus under Marcus Wareing. This is impressive indeed, and boy does this fine dining restaurant stand alone.

The menu is small but concise, the food is described as ‘modern and British infused with the essence of West Africa and Eastern Europe’. This ensures a strong variety of fresh fish and a good selection of steaks. The restaurant menu features a small selection of vegetarian and vegan options and the bar menu contains an interesting selection of new world wines from Moldova.

Four of us were dining on this Saturday evening and we all vowed to choose something different from each other. So we chose the Scottish Lobster, steamed Moi Moi, lobster bisque, the Devon crab, crumpets, Scottish kale, tarragon & lemon, the Salted cod, crushed yam, pea puree, burnt onion and one meat dish the suya roast pressed belly, apple puree, eba gnocchi, oh my we were all envious of each others choices, each dish was presented with flair and tasted just amazing. We then enjoyed a little digestive break, while we checked out the main courses.

Good food and wonderful service always evokes great conversation, we enjoyed comparing our dishes and trying them all, you can only do this among good friends!

Eventually we made our decisions, they included some fish and some meat, including Isle of Gicha halibut, efo riro, Romanian crepes, piccolos, the Creedy Carver duck breast, polenta bake, braised endive, and a rib-eye and a sirloin steak. The steaks were tender and juicy, seasoned to perfection and the side dishes, Double fried Yam chips in duck fat complimented them completely. The Duck breast was seasoned just right and was accompanied with steamed vegetables and the halibut was extremely fresh, light with a delicate flavour served with a delicious heritage tomato salad.

Check out the menu carefully, for some reason we all missed the caviar and oyster choices, I would have loved to try the Rock Oysters, I spotted them on a fellow diners plate and they looked plump and delicious! Maybe next time.

The desserts were spectacular, the presentation was beautiful, we had an almond sponge with apple filling, Granny Smith mousse and yoghurt ice cream, it was so stunning we didn’t want to cut into it, but we did and it tasted fresh and delightful. We also chose a very rich warm chocolate fondant with nougat and honey glazed nuts, it was truly spectacular and a vision to behold.

We were thrilled with the cuisine, the restaurant is busy with a romantic atmosphere, the ideal spot for an intimate evening with a loved one, equally it would suit a small gathering for that special occasion.

A: 13-14 Cork St, Mayfair, London W1S 3NS
T: 020 3973 9307
W: Stork Restaurant

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