Street XO, Should be on your New Year ‘to do’ list

January 7, 2019

Where do I begin?  Three of us arrived at the rather funky, fun looking Street XO eatery in Mayfair, one drizzly cold evening following hours and hours of shopping. We were exhausted and extremely hungry and ready to have a sit down with some great food.

We handed our coats and shopping bags over to the friendly door staff and ventured downstairs into what can only be described as a party atmosphere, and I gather this is the norm and to be honest, exactly as we expected. On every table there were fascinating and exotic looking giant size cocktails in fabulous looking containers, giving off clouds of dry ice.

We enjoyed a Bellini while checking out the ‘Experience Menu’, it looked luscious, six courses of exotic sounding sharing platters, but for good measure they decided to add on a couple of extra dishes for us!

We began with three plump, delicious fresh oysters, served on charcoal sticks, our 19 year old son had never tried oysters and had no qualms, he picked his up and expertly tipped it into his mouth and immediately wanted more, this was the perfect beginning to what was to be a most special occasion. We then had ‘ fish and chips’, but it couldn’t look further from that traditional British dish, it’s actually described as Uzukuri-carpaccio of Harnachi, this was presented on a large flat platter, 12 little scoops of amazing flavoursome Heaven. The next dishes was equally as exquisite, Pekinese Dumplings – crunchy pig’s ear with strawberry hoisin and pickles, this was a divine mouthful, Asian inspired and delicate. Following the dumplings was a rather unusual Street XO Club Sandwich and as with all of the dishes, it looked nothing as the title read, a soft quails egg sat on top of suckling pig with ricotta and chilli mayonnaise, it was truly divine. The next dish was prepared at the table – Ramen of Foie Gras and Guinea Fowl, a warm, well balanced dish, light and more-ish. Then came the Octopus, I hear it was superb, personally I just can’t! Moving on, a Spanish ‘Socarrat’ Paella with huge flame grilled langoustines,  served with a salty sweet Japanese dressing. Our final savoury course was a mini rack of lamb with pureed potato, the meat just fell from the bone and the potato was soft and buttery, lamb is my personal favourite meat and this was the most delightful way to prepare for the finale. Remember all of these dishes are for sharing and it sounds like a lot of food, and it certainly is a feast, but everything is so delicate and light you will not feel bloated, just completely satisfied. We completed our meal with gorgeous refreshing Guava Cheesecake, perfect, cool and palette cleansing.

The service at Street XO is fun, every member of the waiting team knew exactly how each dish was prepared and where the ingredients were sourced, extremely impressive.

Street XO is our new favourite London eatery, it is a fun and quirky restaurant, decorated with a colourful neon lights and a lot of imagination, but at the same time atmospheric and comfortable, I can’t think of another restaurant that I would rather book a celebration for!

W: Street XO
A: 15 Old Burlington Street Mayfair London W1S 2JR
T: +44 (0)20 3096 7555

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