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May 23, 2019

Stuart Philips – An Award winning Holistic Hairdresser

I love going to the hair dressers to enjoy relaxing pamper session. I always come out feeling on top of the world with fresh bouncy hair.

This time I got the pleasure of meeting Stuart Philips and visiting his multi-award winning Salon in London! I was very excited that Stuart was going to work his magic on my hair personally and add some vavavoom! I was booked in for a hair consultation, which would then be followed by a wash, cut and blow dry.

Stuart Philips has been part of the British hair dressing world for over 20 years and has styled some of the biggest names in showbiz including:

Serena Williams, Chris Noth (Mr. Big Sex & the City), Jonathon Ross, Jamie Oliver, Girls Aloud and many more!

Stuart began his hairdressing career at the age of 16, training at Vidal Sassoon and after qualifying aged 29, he traveled and worked internationally to grow and develop himself and learn different methods of hairdressing.

All of this excitement inspired Stuart to open his own Salon in the UK and that was definitely a great decision! He hand picked his staff and now has some of the best hairdressers in London by his side! What a team, impressive indeed.

His salon is based in the pretty location of Covent Garden, and is in a great location, easily accessible and everyone knows where it is!

I arrived; I looked around the quirky road taking in glowing atmosphere; the rich deep blue colour outside stood out along with in silver glistening interior. There were lots of frames and photos that pinpoint specific memories in his life. I love the idea of this! Never forgetting magic moments and all the achievements reached.

The interior was sleek and modern with lots of mirrors along with spot lights around the salon, creating an ideal environment particularly for the specific task of hair colouring. There was a TV showing some videos of Stuart in action while working on some great projects with celebs!

When I first met Stuart I felt a truly friendly vibe, which made me feel secure, important especially with someone new cutting my hair. I am very protective of my hair as it is my pride and joy, for all of you that don’t know!

I sat down in the chair and we chatted about my hair and what I wanted to achieve, during the extensive consultation Stuart analysed my hair and explained what he thought best to do!

I was really interesting to see how Stuart analysed my expectations and took my face shape into consideration as to how I should moe forward with my hair style and care!  Stuart suggested with my jawline and face shape that I should have the edge of my hair shaped all the way round my face for a softer look!

I really took Stuart’s thoughts on board! I found it most interesting discussing how your hair is cut can affect your face shape!

Stuart also suggested to have long layers put in and a slight shape around the front of the face to avoid my hair being weighed down too much; due to the length and therefore this would lift my hair slightly!

After our 1 to 1 consultation I was passed over to a college for my hair to be washed! I laid back, put my feet up and was enjoyed my hair being washed, followed by a most relaxing scalp massage; it was amazing! I dazed into the sparkly ceiling and enjoyed my  time at the wash basin in the hands of a very talented assistant.

I then returned to Stuart’s dressing chair; during my hair cut Stuart and I chatted a lot.

It was really interesting to hear about his journey. Stuart is no doubt a very talented in many ways and is a very interesting honestly such a genuine guy. He told me all about where he began and his journey to where he is now! I definitely learned a lot of interesting facts about Stuart, including how many instruments he plays and how his career grew so big!

The amount to time and effort Stuart puts in with his clients is incredible!!! If you want a passionate, timely caring hair cut then Stuart is the guy to use!

I was really happy with the cut of my hair, it was a great clean cut hair appointment, the cuticles of my hair were silky smooth, the end result was amazing, styled sleekly with a beautiful high shine, the absolute best result I could ever have imagined. I love the shaping that he created, shaping the hair to frame my face. I don’t think I have ever had this before!

Thank you Stuart for your amazing skills!

W: Stuart Phillips
T: 020 7379 5304
A: 25 Monmouth St, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9DD

Written by Sophia Sellwood for Luxuria Lifestyle International

Instagram / #Luxurialife