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March 21, 2019

Sweet Dreams: The Ultimate Guide to Mattress Setups

When shopping for a new bed, the main things we consider are the mattress and the bed frame. The mattress is by far the most important aspect of a bed and there are a lot of different kinds as we all know.

But what about mattress bases? There are so many different kinds of bed bases to choose from and it could take a long time for us to discuss every single kind. These bases have a huge impact on the quality of sleep we get as they influence the way the mattress lies.

Sleeping on a bad mattress has a bunch of negative effects, and the bed base can be a big part of this. If you’re looking for a new bed or want to know how you can get a better night’s sleep, read on as we discuss three common types of mattress bases and their different benefits.

Adjustable Base

An adjustable base is one of the most popular kinds of mattress bases and there are a lot of different benefits to having one. Beds with an adjustable base help you to adjust the way you lie and can help you get a night of better sleep.

The best mattress to pair with an adjustable base is a hybrid foam mattress. They mould to the movement very well while still offering optimum support and offer a dynamic surface which emphasizes the best properties of both a memory foam and spring mattress. Pairing a hybrid foam mattress with an adjustable base means that you can move your body into a natural resting position that alleviates your pressure points and keeps the spine straight, whilst keeping a cool and comfortable temperature. These mean that you will get a better night’s sleep which has so many amazing benefits.

A great example of this type of high-quality mattress is the Casper mattress, as they are designed to offer the best in comfort, support, temperature regulation and durability. You might have seen these mattresses over on your Instagram feed since they’ve been endorsed by huge celebrities like Kylie Jenner. Casper mattresses are made with hybrid foam which helps with restorative sleep and, in combination with an adjustable bed base, can greatly improve your sleep experience.

Slatted Base

Another common type of bed base is the slatted base, and it has been used for many, many years. The chances are, you have owned this kind of bed at some point in your life.

A slatted base is made up with planks of wood (otherwise known as slats) which fit into the bed frame and support the mattress. There are a couple of different kinds of slatted base frame; sprung and fixed. Sprung slatted bases have some flexibility and will curve to fit the mattress, and fixed slatted bases are fixed and straight. They offer some support for your spine and they help to ventilate your mattress.

The mark of a good bed base is one that can hold the weight of the mattress and doesn’t bend, sag, or crack. Fixed slatted bases may be more susceptible to this but sprung slats may offer more support. With a good quality mattress like the hybrid foam Casper mattress, a sprung slatted base will help relieve pressure and give your body the right amount of stability and support each night.

Divan Base

One of the most popular kinds of bed bases in the UK is the divan base. A divan base is pretty much an upholstered box which has been fitted with castors or legs to create space. They come in a lot of different styles and you’re most likely to find them in hotel rooms.

There are a few different kinds of divan base beds. One is the sprung edge divan, which is fitted with an open coil or pocket springs that are mounted onto the bed frame. This makes it act as a shock absorber and helps to make your mattress more durable.

A platform top divan has a non-sprung top panel which is solid and doesn’t feature springs or a coil. They offer a firm and fixed base for your mattress to rest on and they are often the cheapest kinds of divans.

A firm edge divan base will have a few large and heavy duty springs inside with a solid wood sided frame. These still offer good support while often having storage options within the bed, such as lift up storage or drawers underneath. This kind of divan is very popular, especially for those who are limited on space or have a lot of things they want to store away.

They still offer great support for your mattress and they have a range of different style options as well as the convenience of storage. They can be great to consider if you want a bed to match your interior design and, with a quality mattress, they can make a very comfortable bed.

Looking for the right bed base for your mattress isn’t always easy since there are so many different kinds to choose from. These three are the most common kinds of bases you will find and each of them has their own advantages. Think carefully about the kind of mattress you’ll be getting and consider how well they will work together. Before long, you’ll be having much better sleep than ever before.

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