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April 9, 2020

Syntopia – a barefoot luxury haven Crête

Syntopia – derived from ‘topos’, a Greek expression meaning ‘place’ – is a barefoot-luxury haven for the next generation of the switched-on global traveller.

Its mission is to provide a high-end sanctuary and social hub for this new breed of adventurer, who expects the very highest standards when it comes to luxury and amenities, but who also craves a connection with nature, neighbourhood culture and, especially, encounters with fellow guests.

Design is central to the Syntopia concept – think sharp, clean lines, dressed up in chic high-spec finishes, accented with subtle pops of organic texture. Olive wood furnishings in every room, hippie-chic sisal baskets, traditional Cretan embroidered cushions. Chairs which exude a sophisticated yet understated species of modernism, hand-crafted ceramic bathroom fittings and a swimming pool that’s innovatively finished in micro pebbles to cleverly mimic a dip in the sea.

At every level the layout of Syntopia – from the orientation of its balconies to the expansive poolside lounge teepee, plus its border of lush tropical foliage and cacti – strives to evoke a vibe of a seamless transition between spaces, all the while harmonising with the idyllic Cretan surroundings.

A thoughtfully curated calendar of events – morning yoga, evening concerts, wine tasting, and screenings at Syntopia’s dedicated outdoor cinema – promote collaboration, socialising and a lively exchange of ideas.

This communal outlook is best exemplified at the canteen – styled as a groovy caravan and decked out with multicultural touches like a well-travelled surfboard, longhorn cow skull and classic Grecian pottery. Think of an upscale food truck, dishing out street-food and small-plate bites, hot dogs and toasted sandwiches.

A boutique spa is on hand for pampering and a well-equipped gym for keeping up with your fitness even on holiday. In short, for guests who want a break from it all whilst simultaneously forging new and exciting connections and memories, Syntopia is the place.

W: Syntopia Hotel
T: +3028310 71471
E: Reservations

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