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October 2, 2020

Take Your Outfit To The Next Level

Getting dressed up for any occasion is good fun but a stylish look doesn’t refer to only your clothing and there are plenty of ways to spice up your look by just adding a few choice accessories and a splash of colour here and there, including your travel goods.

A good example is the classic man’s suit, a simple three-piece blazer, shirt and trouser combination can be instantly improved with a classy tie, luxury men’s cufflinks and an elegant coordinating men’s bracelet. Choose a tie that complements your shirt but doesn’t draw too much attention and add a practical tie clip in the same material as your bracelet and cufflinks for a striking but subtle look that is bound to turn heads.

Accessories can transform your outfit from flat to fashionable with a small pop of colour; belts and scarfs are excellent accessories to choose in bright, funky colours without them completely overwhelming the rest of your clothing and can be perfect for contrasting muted or monochromatic colour schemes.

Choosing the Right Colours

Before picking your accessories, decide on a colour scheme or theme for your outfit, are you going to include bright, block colours for your t-shirt or trousers or go subtle with muted natural colours? One method of choosing colours for your outfit is to pick colours based on the hues in your skin tone, cooler skin tones – people commonly with grey/blue eyes, lighter hair colours and fairer skin – suit colours on the cooler end of the spectrum including blues, greens and pastel shades. Warmer skin tones – people who commonly share traits including darker hair, brown eyes and olive, golden or darker skin colours – should choose warmer colours, rich red shades and earthy tones.

Once you’ve established your outfit colours or theme, you can choose jewellery in coordinating or complementary metal materials. Bright silvers and white gold tones are the most versatile with outfits across the colour spectrum, whereas yellow tone metals like gold can be used to complement with fiery reds, emerald greens and rich blacks.

Don’t Overlook the Shoes

Traditionally your shoes would match the most dominant colour in your outfit, it’s a style rocked by the royals and celebs across the world but if you’ve gone for a simplistic style of dress, your shoes can be an opportunity to add a bit of dazzle to your outfit. Rather than risk a colour clash, you might choose shoes in the same colour but a couple of shades darker or lighter than your dominant outfit colour.

Alternatively, make a statement and rather than coordinate to the dominant colour of your outfit, match a pattern in your outfit with a patterned pair of shoes.

Get It Tailored

Bespoke tailored clothing is too expensive for the vast majority of professionals but purchasing clothes and getting them tailored to you is a more cost-effective method of getting that beautifully fitting outfit without the designer price tag. Start a conversation with your local neighbourhood tailor or clothing alteration shop to find out how they can elevate your wardrobe and help you to feel more confident in what you wear.

The clothing you buy off the rack isn’t going to be tailored to your body style but is instead designed to be accommodating to the most common body shapes, by getting certain pieces tailored to you, your clothing will fit better and even look more expensive.

Take Care of Your Clothes Properly

After a while, your outfits can feel less fitted and lose their shape, especially compared to the first few wears. Taking care of your clothes properly by following wash instructions, dry-cleaning certain items and pressing, steaming or ironing clothing will not only help to increase their lifespan and breathe a new lease of life into heavily-worn clothing but improve your overall appearance as well.

You don’t need to own an entire walk-in wardrobe to look stylish, keep your clothing simple and invest in some quality basics that you can jazz up with a variety of different accessories.

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