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April 8, 2019

Tania Adams-Performance and Wellness Coach

Tania is a highly regarded mindset performance and wellness coach. Her passion is helping individuals and groups to grow and utilise more of their untapped potential. She has an in-depth understanding of human behaviour; how the mind is conditioned for either success or failure and uses her skills to help and empower people to achieve outstanding results. Tania uses a unique result orientated approach when working with individuals; improving their ability to powerfully focus their mind and balance their energy, whilst managing their state in often high-pressured environments.

As a mindset and wellness expert, Tania’s professional experience over a 17-year period, has brought her to the understanding that mental, physical, emotional and social well-being; the harmony of wellness is the state of living a happy and healthy lifestyle. When we are mentally clear and energised, we feel strong, empowered and motivated. It is essential to care for our mind, body, and energy, as this largely contributes to the quality and longevity of our lives. We each have a choice, but ultimately, it’s about creating holistic balance within ourselves, as we are the answer!

As well as working as a coach with a vast number of individuals and with some of the biggest companies in the world including; Vodafone, Credit Suisse and Walmart. Tania is also well travelled amidst the continents and has a great passion for exploring the globe, experiencing cultural diversity and indulging in luxurious opulence. During her travels, she has attended holistic/wellness retreats, lodged at safari game reserves amidst the great bush land, driven across the heart of the vast outback, sailed amidst the Fjordland, camped in the desert under the stars, ridden horseback in the mountains, run marathons and unexpectedly bungee jumped! Altogether a thrilling mix of excursions with stunning scenery and a haven of seclusion and beauty. Because of the many encounters and inspiring, eclectic experience that Tania has reaped, she has written articles for publications, expressing her varied and cultivated adventure.

Tania believes that the opportunity to travel is enriching for the mind, body and soul, but that it is equally important to take a holiday from our mind to be still, clear and calm and sooth our general thought process. This Inner gift will allow us to fully relax holistically and recuperate and reenergise in the beauty and splendour of the great present. It is the essence of these simple ingredients that enhances our true nature, strengthens our Inner power and boosts our potential and performance.

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