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January 31, 2019

Tasting Sicily Enzo’s Kitchen food almost too pretty to eat!

Tasting Sicily Enzo’s Kitchen is a delightful restaurant located in the heart of London’s Piccadilly and perfect for any special occasion. The central location makes this restaurant incredibly well connected and accessible whilst giving you the best of Sicilian culture within London. With restaurants dotted all over the globe, Celebrity TV chef and Sicilian native Enzo Oliveri brings the very best of Sicily to London.

The interior design is immediately reflective of the stunning artisanal decorations from Sicily, which decorated the space to illustrate cultural heritage of the island. From Sicilian cart wheels – famous for powering the carts that carried produce, food and wine to their forefathers across the Mediterranean – and staircase tiles that are made from hand decorated Etna stone, Caltagirone style. The intricate design added immensely to the overall experience of Sicilian culture; you almost feel as though you are in Sicily itself!

Upon arrival, we were greeted by the very friendly and highly professional staff, who ensured that our entire evening was one of relaxation and luxury dining. Adding to the already incredible experience, the staff were always helpful in explaining dishes and accounting to any dietary preferences. Within 10 minutes of being seated we were tasting various delicious red wines before settling for a bottle of the ‘Barbazzale Etna Di Origine Controllata’; sweet yet also rich in taste. The drinks menu had a wide variety of wines and soft drinks from all over the globe, catering to all guests very well. Our favorite aspect of the wine was that it brought out the flavors within each dish, from starter to dessert and complimented every option on the menu, which leads me to the highlight of the evening; the cuisine.

For our starter, we enjoyed the Verdurine in pastella; vegetable strips in Enzo’s tempura which was a light, crispy pastry filled with perfectly seasoned vegetables. This is one of their incredible dishes for vegetarians alongside their Zuppa del giorno; a soup of the daily basket served with Sicilian croutons. What we loved most about these dishes were the variation in flavors and creative presentation style. It was almost too pretty to eat! We were swiftly served our main courses of Spaghetti con polpette al sugo, spaghetti with homemade beef meatballs in tomato sauce. Additionally, we enjoyed the filetto al near d’Avola which was a beef fillet steak with aromatic herbs sauce served with roasted potatoes. Both of these dishes were the perfect portion size and complimented by the fantastic Barbazzale red wine. Despite already being completely spoilt by the staff and chefs at Tasting Sicily, the highlight of the evening was yet to come. Having been highly recommended, we had the pleasure of trying the Casarecce con guanciale di suino nero dei Nebrodi e pistacchio di Bronte- Ribbon pasta with Nebrodi cured black pig cheeks and Bronte pistachio pesto. This dish had the perfect pasta: sauce ratio, is a very savory taste and was absolutely delicious.

Finally, we were treated to an ensemble of desserts comprised of a taste of everything on the menu. The Cassata Siciliana is a light sponge cake made with ricotta cheese, marzipan and candied fruit. This is the perfect cake if you have a sweet tooth like me. The Dolce Biancomangiare (a Sicilian traditional almond white pudding with a hint of cinnamon) and Semifreddo alle mandorle (Agrigento almonds parfait with hot chocolate sauce topping) were perfect desert dishes for those who love nuts. Despite containing a variation of nuts, this was not an overwhelming taste, rather one complimented by the subtlety of other sweet flavors. However, our favorite of the deserts was the Cannolini Siciliani (Tube-shaped shells of crunchy pastry dough, filled with a sweet creamy ricotta cheese). The ricotta cheese being their own uniquely made mix was the selling point of their desert menu as it was literally like tasting heaven on a plate. I recommend trying this when you visit Tasting Sicily as it is now my favorite desert.

Overall, my experience at Tasting Sicily Enzo’s kitchen was a delightful one. On top of excellent service, a lovely ambiance and fantastic presentation, the food itself was unique yet something I am now looking forward to attempting to recreate at home. What especially stood out was the culture and historical nature of the restaurant which set it apart from others. I thoroughly enjoyed my evening and will be returning as soon as possible! Thank you for a wonderful evening!

T: 020 7839 5142
A: 38 Panton St, London SW1Y 4EA
W: Tasting Sicily

Written by Cresta Okwonko for Luxuria Lifestyle International

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