Temper London – it’s Schhhmokin’

June 12, 2017

Meat and mezcal.  Literally the best idea since sliced bread – well that should probably be meat.  Yep whether it’s sliced, diced, smoked, crammed into tasty taco shells, smothered in every kind of sauce you can think of (and some you can’t…)  this is Temper.  Neil Rankin’s underground hot house in the heart of Soho is a cave man’s paradise, full to the brim with more meat than you could ever get through in a week.

Negotiate the stool at the counter (they’re comfy once you get on there), and get up close to the meat theatre that’s about to unfold.  You can see all the chefs happy amongst their joints and rounds and briskets and other meaty forms.  There’s also a big exciting looking contraption which is apparently the taco maker – it looks like a pasta making machine, but it’s churning out a helluva lot of tacos which is not hard to see why when you take a look at the menu.


These rolled up mini tortillas filled with all kinds of tasty bits and bobs must be one of the most popular things on the menu judging by the amount that were rocking up to the tables around us.  Keen not to miss out, we got stuck into the Aged Cheeseburger Tacos (£8) to start with.  As you can imagine, this is anything but dainty.  Pick them up with your hands, cram them into your mouth and savour the flavour.  Divine.

Next,  burrata, lime and jalapeño from the sides menu.  I’ve never had spicy pimped up burrata before, but it most definitely worked.  The zest and that kick from the peppers went down a treat.  Two our two so far!

The actual meat menu itself (chopped, smoked and grilled in 100gram portions) included a range of cuts from all over the UK.  We decided to go all out and try the goat.  Not something I’d normally choose, but then this is no ordinary restaurant.  Goat seems to ‘doing the rounds’ at the moment and now I know why.  It’s quite simply mouth-wateringly tender and delicious.  It’s now high up there on my list of favourites.  The Burnt Ends Thai Larb (£5) were without doubt my number one though – is there anything better than tearing and chewing with that smack of big burned briskety flavour?

There’s plenty of big bold sauces to accompany these equally as bold meaty feast.  Choose from ‘MSG Ketchup’, Blackened Pepper Salsa, Green Sauce,Chipotle Sour Cream and Fresh Tomato Salsa.  I can only recommend that you go for them all.  A combination of the lot is quite literally THE onlyl option and it just adds moreish temptation to every single bite.


What you really mustn’t do, is eat your way into a chock-full all chomped-out coma.  Because there’s still dessert.  And it’s soooo goooood.  Mezcal is the key ingredient for dessert number one – you should really be ordering one with each course, so too right, why not have it in your food too?!  And then, the perfect way to round up off an evening of meat sweats, a soft, pulled-out-the-oven-just-before-it’s-cooked orgasmic cookie dough in a pan.  It’s the girliest thing about Temper and the memory of that first scoop will stay with you for days.  Much like the barbecue smell in your hair.  But who cares?!  If you’re a carnivore that only needs to smell meat to get the saliva glands going, then Temper is an absolute must.

It’s basically so damn hot right now.

(Photos courtesy of Steve Joyce and Paul Winch Furness)

Written by Luxuria Lifestyle UK’s Ashleigh Whitfield

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