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October 23, 2019

Thameen Fragrance, Luxury in its most Pure Form

It was truly exciting to receive this stylish and elegant perfume by post and you could catch the aroma as you peeled away the packaging, then came the chic sapphire blue and luxurious gold box, lovingly protecting that deep blue glass bottle, the presentation is just divine, this makes the most perfect gift, for all, ( it is gender-neutral).

Thameen, meaning precious, has been inspired by the world’s most enchanting jewels and scents, and the colourful tales behind them. As symbols of status, religion, wealth, beauty and love, both jewellery and fragrance have enjoyed a long and close relationship. From ancient tribes to haute couture, they have both been central to civilisation.

‘You smell delicious’ is always a great sign that a perfume has actually had an impact and has a lasting effect, I can never smell it on myself, which is quite disappointing, Thameen Royal Sapphire lasts for hours and hours. I keep my precious bottle in my car along with my ‘car lipstick’, and I have a little spray every time I get out, my car smells heavenly, as do I.

Thameen Royal Saphire has a rather exotic name and this matches perfectly to the gorgeous aroma. With its base notes of bergamot and mandarin, top notes of grey Amber, patchouli, moss, Amber and dry wood together with heart notes ( something I personally have never heard of) of orange blossom and Jasmine, this is a recipe of complete and utter luxury and excellence.

The sapphire blue glass bottle is a homage to the Royal family, the Royal Sapphires adorn the Imperial State Crown and Sceptre used for British State Occasions and creates an illustrious sought-after fragrance of warm and glamour, presented in an enticing encasement.

The lingering aroma is a perfect combination of those sweet Jasmine notes and sensual dry woods and is a creation of Eastern opulence and Western refinement.

The main ingredients for each Thameen fragrance have been painstakingly sourced to ensure that they are of the most exquisite quality and have been combined to create precious perfumes of very high concentration. Using rare and refined ingredients means these perfumes are as elegant as the bottles they are enveloped in.

The Thameen Fragrance collection is the most covetable gift for both all. Thameen Royal Sapphire for 50 ml is £195 and available on the website as well as in several stores nationwide.

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